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English Championship 475


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Re: English Championship 475

The Bournemouth Balloon!

Bournemouth have started the season with a few signings they hope will help steer them to promotion, or at least stop Huddersfield from doing so :D

Andras Simon joins from Liverpool for £30k

Toni Kroos joins from Bayern Munchen for £50k + Darren Anderton + Brett Pitman

Gary Kagelmacher joins from Danubio for £800k + Neil Young + Diogo Andrade

Nicolas Millan joins from Colo Colo for £800k

The club missed out on Sascha Studer, with George saying he was not prepared to spend more than Bradford's 125k bid on what would be a 3rd keeper.

Loan offers have been made for Ben Foster and Kenwyne Jones to boost the goalkeeper and striker departments.

A bid for an unnamed player has also been made.

Also, nobody else yet to join, please consider. :)

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Re: English Championship 475

Gillingham Appoint New Manager

Gillingham have just announced Tom Pham as the manager. He says: I will do my best to get Gillingham out of the bottom division. I want to sign 80+ players or youngsters that will bolster my squad. I have already made bids for Rivaldo and Nimni Avi and a few other players which I won't name yet. I will be waiting for the matches against Bournemouth, Bradford City, Morecambe, Milton Keynes Dons and also Huddersfield Town, which are all manager by experienced managers. We will listening to all bids for all players except for whoever is rated higher than 80

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Re: English Championship 475

The Bournemouth Balloon!

Welcome to the 2nd edition of ''The Bournemouth Balloon''. :)

In this edition we take a look at the other signings brought in, and have an interview with the manager.

Transfers in:

Last time we reported the signings of Andras Simon, Toni Kroos, Gary Kagelmacher, and Nicolas Millan.

Joining them in the past 24 hours are Kieran Lee, from Manchester United, for £250k; Gonul Gokhan, from Fenerbache, for £40k and Frankie Artus, from Exeter City, for £45k + Shaun Maher.

Also, Lukasz Fabianski has joined on loan from Arsenal.

Transfers out:

None so far, but Gareth O'Connor is set to join Crewe Alexandra for £1.1million.


George, the squad is shaping up nicely, are you happy with it?

I'm definitely pleased with the players joined so far, I'm looking towards the youth for this side, not the older players, and so we hope to get the rewards for this sooner or later.

Interesting, planning on any more transfers?

Of course, the money from the sale of Gareth O'Connor will nearly double the whole of our balance so we will be able to invest in a bit more youth before we can prepare for the new season.

Any friendlies lined up?

Funny you should mention that. We are currently looking at offering the challenge of a friendly to some of the bigger clubs, we'll have more news on these soon.

The amount of forumers in the division 4 is certainly increasing so that's good. However, this means tougher games, are you worried?

Of course not, this whole idea was meant to be a challenge, this only increases the difficulty.

Bringing Lukasz Fabianski on loan was a big move, is he settling into the club well and was he happy at joining a smaller club?

From what I've seen he's loving life here. It's a challenge for him in his own way, and he's showing the good side of a professional. He seems to be a good choice for captain once it comes around to choosing one.

Ok, thanks for the interview, and good luck for the season.

No problem Johnny hope to speak to you again soon.

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Re: English Championship 475


Brentford appoint new manager Arsenal 123.

SkySports got an inclusive interview with the new man Arsenal 123 and this is what was said -

This seems like a big challenge for u are u looking forward to it?

Yes i am always ready for a challenge and this one will be no difference i hope that i will be able to take this team ti maybe even the Premier League one day but my main goal is to get them out of division 4.

The club has not yet made any signing are u looking to bring in any players and who?

I am defiantly going to bring in some new faces and that does of course mean danger for the current players as player exchange will be used often but i am going to have some friendlies to see how the team is shaping up.

Are u going down the old root of the youth root?

Well a bit of both really i will be going for the youth mainly as this is going to be a long term project so i am going to bring in many under 18 year olds who i hope will be ready for a bit higher level of football in a few seasons time.

U mentioned friendlies earlier. Have u got any arranged.

Well as of yet no i haven't but i am defiantly going to have some i will most probably look for a division 2 side and i am making an offer to Coventry and i hope that that game will happen.

Who is your main problem this year?

Well i respect every team as they all pose different challenges but i expect to overcome them all and the only easy game will be against George. :D

Thank u for your time.

No worries and tell George he is in trouble.

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Re: English Championship 475


New Man at the Deck

Brighton chairman Dickk Knight today announced Toggs Thomas as their new manager to guide them to promotion. Toggs has a great record with smaller clubs and he is said to be very happy about the appiontment.

It hasnt took Toggs long to secure 2 new signings, the first of which is Drizdal from Slavia Prague for a fee of 400k. The 29 year old is not expected to play in the first match, at home to Sams Brentford but is expected a big increase and then he will be in contention.

The second signing comes from Chris Coleman's new club, Real Sociedad. After some time scouting , Brighton have completed a 1.5 Millon pound swoop for there young, pacy midfielder, Daniel Estrada.

Unlike Drizdal, Estrada is expected to start along-side Martot in the middle of the park.


Drizdal is set to be one for the future.

But the biggest news today coming out of Brighton is that Toggs is expected to bring in Ex Inter striker, Christan Vieri. Toggs told reporters that this was a possibility and that if enough funds are avaliable, he will do everything in his power to obtain him.


The Italian striker could join Brighton.

Several players have been released from the club to compensate for Vieri's wages, Sam Williams, Richard Carpenter, Nathan Elder and Bas savage have all been shipped out.

Along with Vieri, Toggs is hoping to bring in a young Centre Forward, from France for around 350k.

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Re: English Championship 475

Gillingham signs new quality players for Promotion to Division 3

Gillingham have signed Guiseppe Pancaro, Ismael Urzaiz, Lopez Ricardo, and Romario with Kelvin Jack, Frannie Collin, Adebayo Akinfewa, Derek Stille, Luis Cumbers, and Andy Pugh moving the other way. GIllingham have also completed a loan deal for Krisztian Nemeth from Liverpool. They are all quality signings. An interview with Tom Pham by ESPN:

Tom, you are in a very challenging division with many forumers, are you worried?

No I am not, this division is a challenge but we have signed many quality players and will sign more that will get us promoted. Guiseppe (Pancaro) and Ismael (Urzaiz) will be important players that will appear very often. Ricardo will be playing in goalie for the whole season and Romario will start until we sign a better striker which we are chasing.

The Gillingham squad is very old, are you going to sign any youngsters?

I will but not yet. We need promotion first.

What do you think about Roterham United, your next opponents?

They are a very good side. We will play attacking at home for this match. We have an advantage as they are unmanaged.

Your next signings?

I am going to sign a CB, a CM, a W, and a F. We also need cover for LB. We are all signing quality players for each position but they are all old.

Thank you for the interview

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Re: English Championship 475


Editors peice

This is the Brentford bubble and as it is the first one i will take 5 minutes to explain what this is. I am the editor Sam Pooley and i will be writing one of these when i think it is necessary there will be around 3 a week and sometimes more. On each edition there will be a section about previous fixtures, upcoming fixtures, transfer news, any other general gossip and each week there will be a section on a player from Brentford and this week it is on loan signing Niklas Bendtner and how he is settling in at the club but we will look at that later. So i won't hold u up any longer and i hope u enjoy the Brentford bubble.

Forthcoming Fixtures

The first fixture if the year is an away game against Brighton and Hove Albion which will be a very tough challenge considering they are managed by Jack Thomas who is a gold member. This is what manager Arsenal 123 had to say about the game "It is a tough game to get the season underway but i hope we can get all 3 points and kick off the season with a win. I will be playing any new signings as are whole team will be built around new signing by the time this game starts as we have already brought in 5 new faces. I will play a confident style and the team and tactics will be in later editions of the bubble "

5 new faces

A total of 5 new faces have been brought into Brentford as they look to push for promotion. All of the signing have been youngsters as manager Arsenal 123 sees that as the way forward although he believes in youth and that will be his main priority he will also be bringing in some golden oldies to help the team this year. The 5 new signing came to a total 865k and Brentford have publicly told everyone that a total of 3.9 million is left in Brentford to buy new players and the new signings from yesterday are -

Jiménez Alvaro - 125k + 2 players out

Artem Gomelko - 40k

Mateo Mussachio - 325k + 2 players out

Matteo Darmian - 75k + 1 player out

Yevhen Shakhov - 300k + 2 players out

So as u can see the manager Arsenal 123 is bringing new players in but is also seeing old faces leave in part exchange.

Niklas Bendtner

He is a great young talent and if i had the money i would with out a doubt sign him but he would cost too much for a club like Brentford to buy him. So we got him on loan and we imagine that he will be a great player for us and we hope we can have him on loan for the whole season and i believe he will be scoring many goals for the club. Many people thought he would not fit in here and he might think he was bigger than the club but he and manager Arsenal 123 has told the press that Niklas Bendtner is a player and that is all he is. He has been training hard and will be a star player for us this season.



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Re: English Championship 475

Gillingham Sign Youngsters

Gillingham have signed prospectful left back Yuri Berchiche from Tottenham Hotspurs for a fee of a mere 500K. This player will be playing in Gillingham's left back position if they start with 4 at the back which is very unlikely. Gillingham have made loan bids to Steve Sidwell, Alvaro Arbeloa, and Tal Ben Haim. If all three offers are accepted then Ben Haim will be sent back to Stamford Bridge. Gillingham are still chasing many experienced players including ex-Barcelona and Brazil striker Rivaldo. One sad news is that new signing Guiseppe Pancaro will be retiring this season.

Transfers In:

Yuri Berchiche-500K-Spurs-Rated 75

Guiseppe Pancaro- P/E-Torino-Rated 87

Ismael Urzaiz-250K and P/E-Ajax Amsterdam-Rated 87

Ricardo Lopez-P/E-Osasuna-Rated 88

Romario-P/E-Vasco Da Gama-Rated 84

Transfers Out:

Kelvin Jack

Frannie Collin

Adebayo Akinfenwa

Derek Stillie

Luis Cumbers

Andy Pugh

All P/E

Future Transfers:


1 Youngster

5 Other Players

All are Undisclosed until sign deals.

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Re: English Championship 475

'' The Bournemouth Bucket ''

Welcome to what used to be '' The Bournemouth Balloon '', which has now been renamed after criticism, coughAmycough :)


No transfers since the last edition, as George begins to feel happy with the squad.

When asked whether anybody else would join permanently before the start of the season he said '' I doubt it, I think I need to keep a fair bit of cash just in case we need it suddenly. If we kept spending we would probably end up in debt sooner or later. ''

However, Paul Telfer looks like he will be on his way out soon, with an accepted bid of £175k from Bidvest Wits.

George is also looking to secure the services of a loan striker, and with no response on Kenwyne Jones, a bid has been made for Blackburn Rovers star Matt Derbyshire.


Bournemouth have arranged two friendlies in the past 24 hours.

On the 5th October, they will play Arsenal, and on the 12th, Chelsea.

All tickets have been snapped up already as the town prepares to welcome the big boys and hopefully their first teams.

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Re: English Championship 475


Editors Peice

Well this edition is going to be a short one as the only real news is 5 incoming transfers as the first fixture was covered in the first edition. There will be no section on any player this edition as the I hope u enjoy this weeks edition as u other managers look at the signings my manager has made.

Another 5 new players

Another 5 new players have been brought into the club and once again they are all youngsters with 3 being 17, 1 being 16, and 1 being an incredible 15. I hope that all of these players will come through the ranks and be a regular first teamer one day. Some of the new youth signings will play as back up players but they will not feature regularly. They have all been cash only deals so we only added to are squad this morning. Here are the new signings -

Cesar Hinestroza - 20k

Angel Marin - 20k

Marco Hesina - 65k

Keith Watson - 20k

Victor Chavez - 20k

So as you can see the new signings have not damaged the bank and we still have money left to invest in players and more players will be brought in.

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Re: English Championship 475


Crewe get ready for the big kick off

With just 1 day to the sart of the season Crewe manager Col Barker takes time out to talk to Crewe Evening Post


First let me welcome you to Crewe and wish you all the best


Its a honour to be here the whole city is so friendly and it would be great to be here for the rest of my career


Our last manager Dario Gradi was here for 24 years can you see yourself been here that long


Lol Only thing i can say to that is i will never quit so it up to the board


So how is the team looking so far


We are looking ok the new players are fitting in great and im hoping for a good start


Yes new players 3 have joined so far are you happy with the squad or are you looking to bring more in


Im always looking to improve the squad but if we have to start with this squad im more then happy to


Out of the new boy's who do you think will shine


All of them O'Connor did cost us a bit but with he's skill he can start repaying that fee

Van Der Meyde is only here on loan but looks class young Isla may not start but will have a big part to play


Thanks for taking time to talk to us and good luck

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Re: English Championship 475


Toggs Thomas Vs Sam Pooley

'Its the final countdown'


Brighton & Hove Albion News

On the signings:

Toggs side have been strengthened in the summer with Thomas looking aboard to find probale major rating risers. The majority of the budget was spent on Spanish midfielder Daniel Estrada, who is playing first team for Real Sociedad in of course, sunny Spain.

Young PSG striker David N'Gog has been snapped up for a very cheap price of 400k, considering he is one for the future. The pacy young forward started for PSG in the Emirates Cup against Aresnal.

16 Year old Swedish sensation Regnar Leosson has signed for Brighton for a fee which is believed to be 45k. He has already played for Swedens under

16s and 18s and looks a hot property for the future.

But the most controversial signing came in the form of Frantiesk Drizdal from Championship League team Slavia Prague. Nes of the signing didnt come very happy to the fans who throught they had a great LB in the form of Mayo. Many things have been said about the rating of Drizdal and is also expected a fairly big rise.


Team News:

As normal not alot to report about on Season 1, Matchday 1 as all players are fit and raring to go. Toggs is undecided about the CB paring with Butters and Hinshelwood fighting for the remaining spot. After speculation it also loooks like Jake Robinson will start upfront.

Transfer Stories:

Brighton Daily - Toggs is still keen to bring in a experiened striker to partner Forster as he thinks Robinson doesnt fit the job. He will be looking to Italy for his man.

The Sun - Brighton Chairman Mike Ross is prepared to invest a further 2 Million into the club, allowing for more foreign talent to be brung in.

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Guest the plummer

Re: English Championship 475

Good luck tomoro guys all the best with the seasons, all try and rep all your posts as a extra good luck as i now have 3 rep points :)


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Re: English Championship 475

Ok Greig... Doing This Just For Rep Points....:D (Joke) (Read it.. I need 11 More!!)



Bradford have announced experienced manager Sparky as their new boss. Sparky was working behind the scenes and has been officially been anounced by the club's website today. While he was behind the scenes, the gaffer managed to sign three great upcoming youngsters on loan:

Nordvelt (Arsenal), Merida (Arsenal) and Gibson (Manchester United), they will be making their debut against Huddersfield town on 6th October 2007.

Sparky On New Job & Team

The manager said to the club's website;

"I'm very pleased to take over this club. It will be a challenge but I believe that my players can gain promotion. We've already signed some players and we hope that they can fit in just right. I have good friends on the same league as me so it will be fun but still very competitive.

The fans have been awesome to me, they gave me a standing ovation as the club finally revealed me as manager. I will be hoping to pay them back for their kindness, by gaining promotion"

Title Talks

"As mentioned, we will be looking for promotion, nothing else. I don't think we can win the FA or League cup. It will be just a waste of time and fitness for my players. I will be giving either my youths or reserves a chance to play, this will be an opportunity for them to prove that they are capable of first team football."

Sparky On His "Friends"

"I'm very excited that my friends are in the same division as me. It's a great opportunity for us to prove ourselves. They've also made some quality signings and it will be great to see which team comes out on top."

Sparky On Match

"It will be a difficult game, no game is easy. We need to start well so we can take that win to our next match and so on. However, there is no pressure even if we lose. Because we know there will be another 37 odd games to go"

Good Luck To Everyone Tomorrow!!!


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Re: English Championship 475

Tom Pham on Upcoming Clash

Gillingham's manager said in an interview with Sky Sports (SS)


What do you think of Roterham United, your next opposition.


This is an exciting match that I was waiting for. Roterham is unmanaged so we are very lucky.


Who will you field tonight, at Priestfield?


I will field my strongest team with all my new signings except for Berchiche playing.


What will be your tactics?


I will play with the formation 3-4-1-2. I hope I get a win.


So, I ask again, who will you be fielding?


As I said, I will be fielding my strongest team and this is how it will look like.


Pancaro Sodje Cox

Crofts Bentley Lomas Cogan


Romario Urzaiz

I hope that Nemeth and Urzaiz as well as Romario will prove the goods. Pancaro, although retiring this season will prove to be the rock.


So are you going to sign any more players?


Yes, I am targeting a few oldies and a few youngsters. I am trying to loan a few players too.


Good luck tonight Tom.


Thank you. I wish good luck to everybody else in the division.

Future Fixtures

Today: Roterham (H)

10 Oct: Northampton Town (A)

13 Oct: Bradford City (A) (Sparky's Team)

16 Oct: Bournemouth (H) (George's Team)

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Re: English Championship 475

The Brentford Bubble - #3.

Editors piece

Hi i am Sam Pooley the chairman of the club and this edition is a long one as we have 2 new signings to report, a match report, a match preview, Arsenal 123's interview and are player profile of the week. So i would like to welcome you to this edition of the Brentford bubble and i hope you have much fun reading it.

Match Report - Brentford V Coventry City

This was a big game and it was going to be a huge test for manager Arsenal 123 he said before the game that this game is going to be a challenge but i believe that we can overcome it because we are a great team with great belief. The tickets were sold out in seconds and

This is what the teams looked like on paper -

Brentford -












Coventry City -












That is what the teams lined up like both teams in a 4-4-2 formation.

11.gif3 - 2 25.gif

First half -

The game had a great atmosphere and all of the Brentford players could feel just how big a game this is for the club and this is the sort of standard they could be coming up against in 2 seasons time. The game didn't disappoint the home fans as the game started with Brentford on the front foot there was a lovely passing move and then a beautifully weighted pass left Niklas Bendter one on one with the goalkeeper and a player of his ability wasn't going to miss and he tucked it around the keeper with ease. 1-0 Brentford and the home fans were going to make this a day to remember. The league 2 side were not going to let this be an easy game for Brentford and for the rest of the first half they pushed for an equalizer, hitting the post twice and forcing a great save from the goalkeeper.

Half Time - Brentford 1 - 0 Coventry City

Second Half -

Coventry started the second half the way they finished the first with great attacking play and forcing Brentford on the back foot. They forced another 3 saves before the relentless shots on target eventually paid off and there was nothing the keeper could do about this one as Isaac Osbourne smashed it against the woodwork but this time it bounced in. The last ten minutes were here and it was 1-1 which would be a good result for Brentford but on the 82 minutes disaster struck as Coventry scored again through Gary Borrowdale as Coventry went a goal ahead and it looked like Brentford through away all of the hard work. The crowd are all behind Brentford with the sell out crowd all cheering and Brentford were now playing long balls up with direct football and it paid off in the 83 minute only 1 minute after the Coventry goal Alan Connell scored for Brentford making it 2-2. The ball was played down the right hand side and a ball was played across the D and Niklas Bendter hit it first time and smacked it in the goal passed the keeper. That was a special goal. Brentford held on and Brentford had a great result as their fans partied through the night.

Brentford Goals - Niklas Bendter (2) and Alan Connell

Coventry Goals - Gary Borrowdale and Isaac Osbourne

Man Of The Match - Niklas Bendter - A great performance by the young Arsenal talent and he deserved the award and the second goal he scored was a worthy winner.

Match Preview

11.gifV 12.gif

Brentford manager kicks off the season with another tough challenge maybe not as tough as the friendly but without a doubt this will be a battle. It is against fellow forumer Toggs Thomas and both sides will be well equipped but manager Arsenal 123 and chairman Sam Pooley believes that this is going to be a challenge that the club can overcome. Manager Arsenal 123 is keeping his cards close to his chest and is not going to tell anyone about the way he will line up tonight but 1 thing he did say was that it will be different from the game against Coventry. This is a hard game and after last nights game the team are not going to train today because manager Arsenal 123 believes that a game is ten times better than training.

2 Experienced players arrive.

Another 2 more players have arrived at the club and they are going to be working with the manager separately today as they did not play against Coventry last night. They are not yet match fit but the manager is not ruling them out the equation of tonight fixture. The players arrived on cash only deals and both signings were under 100k so neither signing was breaking the bank. Here are the players and what they arrived for -

Masashi Nakayama - 85k

Daniel Teixeira - 90k

They are both forwards and are highly rated and i believe that they will have a good season at the club and training with players like Bendter can only help them.

Manager Interview

This is an exclusive interview with skysports and it is about the manager Arsenal 123 and the squad.

Let's start with last nights game. That was a great result for you and you must be pleased with the result?

Yes i am obviously very pleased with the result that was a huge game for us because if we won confidence would be high and the players would be bubbling which is what has happened but if we lost heavily then it might have been hard to pick the team back up. I took the gamble and it payed off.

What do you think of the new signings and will anymore be coming in?

I never rule out new players coming in and i am not going to do so here i still have cash left and i might bring more players into the club but i am happy with the current squad but i might add a few more to it.

Are You Confident About tonights game?

Yes i am always confident before a game and i think the players also should be especially after are result last night.

Were you happy with the performance of your new signings?

Yes i was very and they have settled into the team well. When you make many new signings you can never tell if it will click straight away but last night it did and we looked like a team.

Thank you for the interview.

No thank you and tell Toggs Thomas he is going down.

Player Profile - Alan Connel.

This is a player who has been at the club for many years and is still looking like a first team player. He has Brentford blood running through his vains and as far as i can see he will be staying at the club. He scored a fantastic goal against Coventry last night and he will be a regular in the squad.


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Re: English Championship 475

The Bournemouth Bucket

Welcome to edition 4 of the Bournemouth Football Club magazine. :)

In this edition, we have yet another interview with George, who reveals his frustration at his chiarman.

We also have a brief look at last night's friendly, but unfortuneatly there is no match report.

Bournemouth 1 - 1 Arsenal

Last night, Bournemouth hosted Arsenal in what was the first of 2 friendlies against Division 1 opposition they have lined up.

Debuts were handed to Lukasz Fabianski, Gary Kagelmacher, Nicolas Millan, and Victor Anichebe.

The Arsenal side played is not known, but it was expected to be full strength as their side prepared for the first game of the season.

The game ended 1-1, and George saw it as a great confidence booster ahead of tonight's opener.


We understand your not happy with the chairman. Why not?

As you know, we are trying to get the whole squad aged 25 or below and the chairman gave his backing on this idea. We try to sell Paul Telfer, but he refuses to sell him, so I decided to use him as p/e in a deal for a defender we are targeting. However, he thinks otherwise and decides to cancel that as well saying he's unhappy about Paul being in the deal.

We are now having to accept the fact that we won't be able to sell Paul for a while now, so he is off the transfer list for the time being and into the line up for tonight's game.

You mentioned a defender, have you made another bid for him then?

I think I can safely say yes, we won't be releasing the name yet, but we have had an accepted bid yesterday, only for it to be cancelled, so we are confident of him joining.

You have been drawn at home to Norwich for the English Cup Round 1, how much are you looking forward to that?

Well it's obviously going to be a big game for us, and I'm delighted to get drawn with a Division 2 side. We showed last night we can perform to a high standard and hopefully we can do that in the cup this season.

Finally, you play Stockport County tonight, who are unmanaged, confident?

Well even though they are unmanaged, they still have a good side, and cannot be underestimated.

Sorry, but I need to go now or I'll miss the team bus :P

The next 3 games:

Tonight: Away to Stockport County

10th October: Home to Dagenham & Redbridge

13th October: Home to Huddersfield Town ( Forumer game )

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Re: English Championship 475

36.gifHuddersfield Town 1 - 1 Bradford City 10.gif

Sparky's got his managerial career off to a slow start with a draw against fellow friend Liam Radcliffe's Huddersfield. New signing Vangoni scored on his debut on the 54th minute. Things looked good and a win looked likely for the visitors, but it wasn't to be, Fabio Coentrao heading on the 84th minute ruined all celebrations. The draw puts Bradford 11th place and will entertain unmanaged Stockport next.

Sparky On Match

"It was an entertaining match. I'm pleased that one of our lads managed to get a goal. It's a dream start for him and I hope he can take that form on the the next match. It was disappointing to concede a goal late on but that's football. Another 37 games to go so we don't feel too let down."

Match Stats

Huddersfield 36% Possession 64% Bradford

Huddersfield 6 Shots On Goal 17 Bradford

Huddersfield 2 Shots On Target 8 Bradford

Huddersfield 4 Corners 3 Bradford

Huddersfield 2 Yellow Cards 1 Bradford

Huddersfield 0 Red Cards 0 Bradford

Table After Match Day 1

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts

1 Peterborough United 1 1 0 0 12 0 12 3

2 Morecambe 1 1 0 0 12 1 11 3

3 Gillingham 1 1 0 0 5 2 3 3

4 Brentford 1 1 0 0 3 0 3 3

5 Chesterfield 1 1 0 0 3 0 3 3

6 Milton Keynes Dons 1 1 0 0 2 0 2 3

7 Bournemouth 1 1 0 0 3 2 1 3

8 Crewe Alexandra 1 1 0 0 2 1 1 3

9 Dagenham & Redbridge 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1

10 Rochdale 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 1

11 BRADFORD CITY 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1

12 Huddersfield Town 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1

13 Stockport County 1 0 0 1 2 3 -1 0

14 Northampton Town 1 0 0 1 1 2 -1 0

15 Lincoln City 1 0 0 1 0 2 -2 0

16 Rotherham United 1 0 0 1 2 5 -3 0

17 Brighton and Hove Albion 1 0 0 1 0 3 -3 0

18 Shrewsbury Town 1 0 0 1 0 3 -3 0

19 Cheltenham Town 1 0 0 1 1 12 -11 0

20 Leyton Orient 1 0 0 1 0 12 -12 0


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Re: English Championship 475

Gillingham 5-2 Rotherham United

Tom Pham starts his Gillingham management career with a thrashing of unmanaged opponents Rotherham at home. It was an exciting game with a total of 7 goals scored.

First Half Highlights:

5 MINS: Barry Cogan turned quickly and fired a low shot in the bottom corner to open the scoring. 1-0 for Gillingham.

13 MINS: Rotherham equalised soon after. Chris O'Grady scored with an excellent header which leaves the fans amazed. The score is 1-1 after just 13 minutes of play.

31 MINS: Steve Lomas thunders the ball into the wide net just a few yards away. 2-1 fr Gillingham

32 MINS: A quick double fire by Gillingham as Barry Cogan scores his second of the game after a terrible back pass by the Rotherham defenders. 3-1 for Gillingham.

38 MINS: Another goal from Gillingham, this time from debutant Ismael Urzaiz. He does a wonderful lob which is fumbled helplessly by Cutler. 4-1 for Gillingham as the half-time whistle goes.

Second Half

50 MINS: Dale Tonge scores Rotherham's second goal of the day by rounding Ricardo and puts it in the net in an acute angle.

82 MINS: Barry Cogan completes his hat-trick with a mix-up in defense as he pokes home easily.

Tom Pham on the game:

I am absolutely delighted with the boys. Everybody had a great match. I am giving my best praise to Ismael (Urzaiz) and Barry (Cogan) who both played wonderfully and scored 4 goals all together and Ismael also got 3 assists. All my new signings proved to me that I found the right people. Also, my players that arrived before me also proved that ratings don't matter. I congratulate everyone.


62% Possession 38%

13 Shots on Goal 5

5 Shots on Target 2

9 Corners 10

2 Yellow Cards 3


Gillingham: Nemeth-8 days-bruised ribs

Rotherham: Stephen Brogan-11 days-dead leg

Yellow Cards:

Gillingham: Guiseppe Pancaro, Barry Cogan

Rotherham: Stephen Brogan, Andrew Todd, Mark Hudson

MoM: Ismael Urzaiz-1 goal-3 assists-rating: 10

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Re: English Championship 475

Bournemouth 3 - 2 Stockport County

The start they wanted as Bournemouth take an opening day win despite going 2-0 down.

Before the game, George said that they would be tough opposition and that was proved correct as Adam Proudlock fired Stockport into a 2 - 0 lead thanks to goals in the 25th and 28th minutes.

Victor Anichebe soon pulled one back though and before half time it was level again, Danny Hollands getting that equaliser.

Plenty of opportunities in the 2nd half, and a winner had to come from somewhere.

Bournemouth captain Lee Bradbury was the hero who grabbed that winner, poking home after a goalmouth scramble.

Bournemouth are 7th then, but joint top.

Meanwhile George has given up on the defender he had hoped to sign, saying '' Our chairman has now cancelled 3 deals becasue he doesn't want the players I've included in the deal to leave. I don't see any point in carrying on with this. ''

Also Tomasz Cwyka has joined for a small £35k after George was surprised to find him in the Free Agents list.

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