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Arsenal Rating Changes


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Re: Arsenal Rating Changes

hmm quick question on Eboue' date=' the lad is a very good player, has made 17 starts and 4 subs this season, only 4 appearances less than Sagna has, so why do some people think he will either de-crease or stay the same on 89? i know he has been playing out of position but hes still playing in the first team so is a rise to 90 out of the question???[/quote']

Stu, I think there is every chance Eboue will rise to 90. I don't think he should as in my opinion his form does not warrant it but I do believe that the way the SM rating system works that he will almost certainly increase to 90.

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Re: Arsenal Rating Changes

Just to give examples to back me up' date=' here are a few players who have played very well this season and have just joined:

Fernando Torres

Blumer Elano

Martin Petrov

[b']Andriy Voronin[/b]

Roque Santa Cruz

Alvaro Arbeloa (If you count it as his first season)

Many more...

You see, they have done very well in their first season, so why can't Eduardo?

I do hope you are joking there and not saying that just because he is a Liverpool player. Even if you want to compare them just based on goals, Voronin has scored just 1 more Premier League goal than Eduardo but 6 less in other competitions. In fact, I doubt he has scored since October!

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Re: Arsenal Rating Changes

You have to play to score Tom and Eduardo has been blooded very slowly by Arsene Wenger just like he has others in the past. Eduardo has looked class in cameo appearances. The other players you mention are starting week in and week out for their clubs so can hardly be compared to Eduardo's situation.

All in all I would say he has done enough in all football to maintain his 90 rating.

Yes, like leigh said.

He didn't play not because he is in bad form or bad player. Thats Wenger's policy, rotating players, and giving them time to adapt to english football.

He should stay at 90.

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