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Haris' Championship 38


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Hello you. This is my very first post on this forum as I am a new manger to this game. However, I have recently created a custom game game world which goes by the name of "Haris' Championship 38", as suggested in the title of this post. It will be opening on Monday 24th of June at 12:00 pm (four days after creation.)

It is a league consisting of two divisions where the first division includes the twenty teams from the Barclays Premier League of the 2013-2014 season, and the second division allows a combination of eighteen English teams and two Scottish teams to participate. Each team has been picked specifically by me, the creator and owner of the game world, to balance the division out, and include rivalries based upon real life. After each season, the three teams at the bottom of division one are relegated whereas the two teams from the top of division two are immediately promoted and a third team is also promoted through a play-off system. No team is relegated from division two as there is no third divison. Any y manger who is relegated from division one will not be sacked to give them the oppurtunity to promote their team back the following season.

Transfers can take place throughout any time of the season, players can be bought from any club as long as there is once active deal with each club at one time, and players of any age or nationality can be bought. Futhermore, managers can only complete three transfers with one particular club each season and to unmanaged clubs cash can only be offered, but to external clubs both cash and a maximum of two players can be offered. Loaning from unmanaged/external clubs is not allowed and a team can have a maximum of 3 loaned in players. However, each team has a budget of 300 million to start off with as well as there deafult squads. Certain squads maybe missing one or two of their players as they may have been bought by myself, the Arsenal manager, as well as several players from external clubs. International teams are also available to be managed by gold managers except for the England national team which is being managed myself.

Excluding friendlies, the Game World fixtures officially start on 30th of June and ends on 7th of November. All apllications will be considered and officially accepted on Monday 24th of June at 12:00 pm and managers of any reputation can make and application and join if accepted. The Game World ID is 198829 and the name of it is suggested in the title of this post. I apologise for this post being so long but I was only trying to get all the information across to any managers who wish to join and if so feel free to message me on this forum if you would like for me to save you a team or on Soccer Manager itself if you wish to message me though a private application. It would be great if all 40 teams in the game world are managed. For any manages who do get accepted, good luck.

Thankyou. :)

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