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GC336 - Discussions,M/R's and Transfer news


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Re: GC336 - Discussions,M/R's and Transfer news

Did I mention btw that I've won 9 straight leauge games and I'm unbeaten in 12 competative games (including 2 wins in my SMFA cup group ... against Dortmund AND Bayern Munich)


Absolutely loving this CSKA side! I sit top by 4 points ahead of tonights game!


I've also "re-newed" my defense ... my Cbs we're getting older and slower (berezutsky and ignasevich) ... so I sold them and I bought Serdar Tasci and Jean-Armel Kana-Biyik ... oh and I also bought LEON GORETZKA and Daniel Ginczek!

Reviews will start again REALLY soon!

and you stole my long unbeaten run and became 1st place

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Re: GC336 - Discussions,M/R's and Transfer news

Just thought I'd show ya'll what a change in tactics can do for you ...

on Friday, I faced Zenit in the SMFA and drew 0-0 and got knocked out ...

Christian 'Fluffy' Bishop (Forum) earned a draw with CSKA Moskva against fierce rivals Zenit in the Derby of Two Captials.

The match ended 0 - 0 between CSKA Moskva and Zenit in their SMFA Champions Cup Round 1 Leg 2 fixture.

Zenit went through 1 - 0 on aggregate.

And then last night ... I faced Zenit once again ... but this time in the league, since a few players were NMF I put my entire reserve team out there ... and I let them at it ... oh and I change tactics aswell ... here's the result!

Christian 'Fluffy' Bishop (Forum) steered CSKA Moskva to victory against fierce rivals Zenit in the Derby of Two Captials.

CSKA Moskva outclassed Zenit and thrashed them 7 - 1 in their Division 1 fixture.

Mamaev scored a brace and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

Bittencourt and Wernbloom were also amongst the goalscorers.

The CSKA Moskva club record for highest scoring league game has been broken. The game against Zenit finished 7 - 1
CSKA Moskva have recorded their biggest ever home league win by beating Zenit 7 - 1.
Record crowd watches CSKA Moskva. 32,386 fans turned out to watch CSKA Moskva against Zenit breaking the previous home record attendance.
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Re: GC336 - Discussions,M/R's and Transfer news


-Game 23/30-

Right .. have told Nin quite a few times lately that I'd get back to doing these but I haven't been able to really get the right gear in til now...so I sincerely apologise for the lack of reviews, my personal life have been shattered in the last months, but here's the first of hopefully many more! This GC is one of my standout favourites so I'm always paying extra attention to it! But yes, here we go lads!


Right then, we've got 4 games to review today! 1 is a clash between two forumers and the rest are forumer vs unmanaged/non-forumer.

I'll head straight into the first game on the list, CSKA vs. Zenit!

This game is really the achievment of the season here in Russia 336!

Why you may ask? Well it's quite simple really, CSKA beat a managed Zenit 7-1 ... 7-1!!!!!!!!!!! That's insane numbers for a game between two teams of the quality that Zenit and CSKA possesses (ratingwise) ... Zenit had 3 players that had a rating that was below 90 .. and those 3 players were all set with an 89 rating! It's a completely different story over at the CSKA camp however! Only 1 of the 11 players that played the game for CSKA had a rating over 90 and that was 91 rated GK Igor Akinfeev! Other then that CSKA only had 2 89 rated players (Swedish midfielders Wernbloom and Elm) ... After that we had 1 on 88 and 2 at 87 with 1 at 86 , 3 at 84 and the last one at 83 ... a team that perhaps should've LOST with 7-1 rather then winning with it?

Zoran Tosic opened the goalscoring in the 2nd minute for CSKA when he put his foot to a cross ball from Ginczek! 1-0 CSKA! This was a result that'd stand til the 14th minute when Zenit equalized with their only goal of the game...Kerzhakov with Zenit's only goal after 14 minutes and they were back into the game with a chance at winning ... but this was CSKA's night, and first and foremost, it was to be a fantastic debut for Leonardo Bittencourt!

Wernbloom added to the score with a goal in the 19th minute before Bittencourt scored his first of the night in the 32nd minute! The game went to halftime with the score 3-1 to CSKA! Pavel Mamaev opened his scoring for the night in the 54th minute after a fantastic freekick from 5 yards outside the box! 4-1 CSKA! 20 minutes later, in the 74th minute, CSKA is once again awarded a freekick and once again it's Pavel Mamaev that steps up to take it ... BOOM ... 5-1! And this is where it gets interesting! 19 year old debutee AM Leo Bittencourt , in the space of 5 minutes bagged his 2nd and 3rd goal of the night in the 78th and 83rd minute making it 7-1 and that was the final score!

A fantastic show from CSKA who just a day before drew against the same Zenit in the SMFA cup and were knocked out! An absolutely fantastic show from the Russian overlords!


As you can see from the statistics here above, CSKA were clearly the team that absolutely DOMINATED the game against Zenit! Zenit did not even manage to get 40% possession, this is how severely outplayed they were against a fantastic and hungry young CSKA side! And the shots total is also a clear sign that CSKA went into this game head first and just shot shot and attacked attacked attacked! They let one in but they bagged a whopping 7 goals that'll be massive for their goal difference in the long run!

I don't really think we need to say anything more about this game other then WELL DONE CSKA!

After this game we head onto another Moskau team and quite a large win there aswell! Not CSKA style and 6 goals ... but well a 4 goal win from Spartak over Tom!

A massive 4 goals were scored bv Spartak in the first half! Ananzide opened the goalscoring in the 5th minute with Dinyar Bilyaltedinov making it 2-1 in the 29th minute after Tom equalized in the 25th minute through Sapeta! In the 32nd minute it was time once again and this time it was Waris who scored the goal for Spartak making it 3-1! But it wasn't over there .. remember how I said Spartak scored 4 goals in the first half? Well, 7 minutes later, in the 39th minute, RM Parshivlyuk scored the 4-1 goal and what a massive goal for him to score in his first game for Spartak!

The 2nd half is only a mere 3 minutes old when ananzide crosses a freekick into the penalty area and Romulo heads the ball into the back of the net! 5-1 Spartak! To comfort the away fans, 2 minutes later tom managed to bag their 2nd goal of the game! But just minutes after that, Sekou Oliseh cut down Romulo and was immediately shown the red card! Tom down to 10 men and Spartak took advantage on that a few minutes later when Dilyaletdinov bagged his 2nd of the night making it 6-2 and the final result!


A game that despite the many Spartak goals not really were won by spartak if we look at the Stats!

If we start off with the amount of shots that were fired on goal we see that Tom wins those stats with 11 shots against Spartaks 6 shots. What we can however see from this is that Spartak's players were absolutely clinical in their finishing this game as they bagged each of the shot they had on goal!

The possession % were alot closer tho, only a mere 6% separating the teams and that's simply not good enough from Spartak! They should be able to dominate the lesser teams more then what they've done! With a bit more luck from Tom, they would've won the game I reckon!

However, at the end of the day, it's the result that counts and no could,would,should! Spartak won, and they should thank their strikers for that!

After this massive whopping, we head into the 3rd game, a game that stood between Kuban and Dynamo Moskau! A game that if we look at each of the teams starting lineups, perhaps should've been won by Dynamo ... but the 2nd worst Moskau team did dissapoint and we're outmanouvered by a tactically better Kuban side!

But if we look at what actually happened in the game, we can see quite clearly that it was one of the most boring games to be played all season! It took until the 79th minute before the first goal was scored and it was the Argentinian youngster Juan Ignacio Duma a.k.a JID that scored the goal! A fantastic header that Spanish GK Guaita didn't stand a chance against keeping out of the back of the net!

The 2nd goal were also JID a part of when he assisted Ivo Pinto 4 minutes later to bag the 2nd and the last goal of the game! It was a boring snoozefest that didn't set anyone ablaze, and we do hope that both these teams pick it up til their next game!


Whilst it actually was Dynamo that dominated much of the game, Kuban's manager were tactically more clever and in the end stood as the victorious side!

With 11 goals against Kuban's 7, Dynamo really should've made more of their oppurtunities but it just weren't to be this night... Kuban scored the only two goals while perhaps it should've been Dynamo that bagged 2 or 3 goals.

Games are never played on paper, they're always played on the pitch, and Kuban was simply the hungrier team!

Again, only 6% possession separated the teams apart, just as in the previous game I reviewed ... but at the end of the day, Kuban were the better team and won.

Finally we move onto the last game of the turn wich were a forum derby between Dazz and Zlook!

This game were, somehow even more of a borefest then the previous game between Kuban and Dynamo! Atleast the other game had a pair of goals and more shots on goal ... this game however only saw a total of 21 shots and 1 goal, simply not enough when you're on this level! In the end tho ... Kazan bagged the only goal of the game through Davydov in the 34th minute, and it's the goals that counts for most ... not wether you've earned them or not and I think I'm safe to say that after both teams performing terribly, Kazan were the most worthy winner.


As we can see from the stats above, they support my claim about this being an absolutely terrible game to watch! only 11 goals in total from each side ... with a mere 3 on goal from Kazan and a more acceptable figure of 9 shots from Krasnodar!

Perhaps I was hasty in my earlier conclusion that Kazan were the more worthy team of winning as Krasnodar clearly were the more aggressive side!

Kazan did win the possession % but they only won the game out of pure luck!


And here we have the table after 23 played games! It's an incredibly tight league with only 6 points separating the 1st placed team from the 5th placed team.

CSKA remain top on 46 points while Kazan sits 2nd only 1 point behind.

Anzhi and Spartak changed positions in the table with Spartak climbing up 1 spot with their 43 points and Anzhi dropping down to 4th with their 42 points!

Zenit sits on 5th with 40 points!

What I find extremely interesting about this table is that there's a total of 16 teams in Russia ... and split down the middle, exactly down the middle, we've got the 8 managed teams in the first 8 spots and the 8 unmanaged teams holding places 9-16 :P Quite amazing, have never seen it be divided that equal before!

-Team of the Turn-


I don't think we've ever had a clearer winner then we had this turn! My very own CSKA Moskau! My 2nd team and some of my reserves absolutely DOMINATED a much better Zenit side and hammered them 7-1 ... that is really the real deal! And thanks to this, we remain top with only 7 games left to play!

-Player of the Turn-



You might think me partial but there was simply no other choice! 19 years old, 83 rated .. and he bags 3 goals in his very first game for CSKA! ... A winner that deserved this award after his very first game of the season! Let's see if he can continue to bag em for CSKA!

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Re: GC336 - Discussions,M/R's and Transfer news

Krasnodar make a big statement of intent by pulling off a major coup!

Junior Paulinho has arrived, breaking our transfer record, and will no doubt become a key player.

Pretty surprised we got him unchallenged, but we will take it :)

Have some players for cash aswell if anyone is interested...Guiliano, Arnautovic, Petersen, Lass, Wellington & Kaciniklic.

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Re: GC336 - Discussions,M/R's and Transfer news

They are the highlight of the game' date=' 350 will need one soon as we are both going great guns there[/quote']

Yeah mate! Absolutely! I'll try to tackle both 336 and 350 later today, and hopefully 333 will follow tomorrow! I love doing these reviews tbh, but it's honestly a hard time finding the .... idno what word I'm looking for ... "energy" to do em atm


I can't remember if I've given you an explanation about what's kept me away and made me be quite weird lately but if I haven't drop me a PM and I'll explain mate!

As for you dazz, as I said on chat both yesterday and today ... wow :eek:

Krasnodar will be a force to reckon with next season (you can still climb high this season, but I reckon you won't finish top 3).

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Re: GC336 - Discussions,M/R's and Transfer news

Yeah mate, 5 points off 4th with 6 games to go. with 3 of us all on the 40 points.

Wherever i finish its been a decent first season, both in the league and in terms of re building. My squad is pretty thin though so ive been playing 70's etc in the cups lol.

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Re: GC336 - Discussions,M/R's and Transfer news


-Game 24/30-

Well, well, well ... whaddaya know?! back to back review posts? Surely not!! Elohim must've hit his head or something!

Haha no! I just enjoy my time on the forums again! And the reviews are my favourite thing to write and post! So here we go! Prepare yourself for the review of the 24th turn!!! (only 6 games left!!!!!)


Alriight! Here ... WE ... GO!

Tonight, we have 6 games to go through, and it'll be my absolute sincere pleasure to forward my own thoughts about these matches, to you all that enjoy reading them!

Earlier I've overlooked Dynamo Moskau (My apologies jgos! Won't happen again!) so this adds another game for me to talk about! Wich I'm happy with!

We'll start off, like usual with the game at the top! Wich were the Moskau derby between the still unmanaged Lokomotiv side and my extremely powerful yet dissapointing CSKA side!

After having beaten Zenit with 7-1 in the last game, the CSKA manager had decided to field exactly the same team against a much weaker Lokomotiv side, hoping for another insane result! This however, did not happen!

Instead the supporters of both clubs were sat there to watch a very dull and boring game, a few shots here and there, alot of quality passing and dribbling but not the thing wich everyone had come to see, goals.

Not a single goal was scored during the entire 90 minutes + add ons ... This ofcourse infuriated the CSKA manager who started to scream about murder, disrespect and something very strange involving two bottles of Jäger and a blowupdoll!

Both teams suffered from injuries during this otherwise uneventful game!

For Lokomotiv, Shishkin will be gone for 4 weeks while Zapater is gone for a week and a few days! On the other side of the pitch, CSKA's reserve CB Kevin Gomis trashed his knee and will be gone for over 2 months! Hard times in both camps! But lets look at some stats!


If we take a good look at these stats, we can see that whilst Lokomotiv somewhat dominated the possession percentage, it was big-shots CSKA that dominated the actual game! Not that it was much to dominate as it'd been far more interesting to watch two bags of fertilizer fight it out in a cage to the death!

Next up, we have the recently humiliated buggers at Zenit against one of the top teams in Spartak Moskau!

After suffering a heavy 7-1 defeat in the leauge last Saturday, many thought that Zenit would get back to their winning ways at home against Ninster and his Spartak! These people are deluded ofcourse since Zenit is pathetic!

Spartak had absolutely no difficulties sweeping Zenit aside and won, quite comfortably with 3-0!

Bosnian star Miralem Pjanic opened the scoring in the 15th minute dribbled his way past the Zenit defence and smashed the shot into the back of the net!

13 minutes later, it was time yet again for Spartak to score a goal! This time it was the new purchase Martin Harnik that bagged his 3rd of the season, making it 2-0 to Spartak! The 3rd and final goal were scored just 3 minutes later when goalscoring KING Emmanuel Emenike broke through and bagged his 16th goal of the season! And it could've easily have been more goals for Spartak as in the space of 12 minutes, two of the Zenit players (zyryanov and bacca) got their 2nd yellow of the game and were sent off! Sadly tho, Spartak failed to score any more goals and went on to bag this victory 3-0!


Above we can see that Zenit JUST won the shots on goal total and the red card total (oh boy we're all Jelly) .. but Spartak won the stats that really mattered, possession, total shots, corners and ofcourse, goals!

It was a game that should've perhaps ended with similar figures to the Zenit-Cska game but I'm quite sure that the Spartak manager are still pleased with his teams result! After all, they're only 1 win away from taking over the lead from Kazan!

I have decided that since Danny Van Hecke ain't posting, he shall not be written about either!

Next up we have Dynamo Moskau against AMKAR! A game that on paper, should've been won quite comfortably! But alas, the game of football never fails to dissapoint and we were shown a spectuacularly good game between two very even sides! Now, I say they were even but what I really mean is that with a better match engine, Dynamo would've bagged 5 goals and Amkar would've been history *insert smile here*.

Instead, we're left with an annoying 1-1 game and a angry manager (admit it jgos). After having shot after shot after shot not go in Herrmann finally broke the goal bubble in the 56th minute and equalized for Dynamo making it 1-1! Wich in the end also was the final result between the two teams!


I will take a few moments here to whine and moan about why the match engine robbed jgos off 3 points! WHICH IT DID!!!!

Look at the stats above, now look at the teams, now look at what ratings the players for each team has, now look at the score ... see a thin red line? Yep, that's right! A broken and severely flawed match engine!

58% possession advantage for Dynamo, 22 shots in total and 13 on goal! but only 1 mere goal?! It's not down to the strikers because they did all that they could, no ... it's SM's fault for having such an incredibly flawed match enginge!

jgos should've won this game and he should've been happy about rather then sad and depressed as he is now...

After this we continue on with what is the clearest win (apart from Spartak's) from last night! Kazan absolutely dominated the game against Ural and probably should've bagged 2 more goals! (again, thank you match engine!)

It was Ural through Gorbanets who opened the goalscoring in the 26th minute when Ural was awarded a penalty ... they did not dissapoint and converted from the spot!

After Ural's goal, it was Kazan for everyone around!

They pressed and pressed and pressed until finally they got something out of it when Samir Nasri equalized in the 30th minute! 1-1!

The two teams went into halftime on even grounds (i say even grounds as the score was 1-1 but in all seriousness, Ural were playing like Manchester City!)

the 2nd half starts and ... absolutely NOTHING!

A few shots here and there, a few saves but nothing that really tickles ones fancy ... until the 63rd minute! This is when one of my favourite players Roman Eremenko pushes through and blasts a cannon into the back of the net! 2-1 Kazan and game over Ural!

Ural did push on for a late equalizer but Kazan were the better team and deserved their 3 points!


As you can clearly see from the stats above, I wasnt exaggerating when I said that Kazan absolutely dominated this game!

61% in possession!

21 shots in total!

14 shots on goal!

14 corners!

Meanwhile, Ural wasn't bad either! A total of 14 shots and 9 shots on goal shows us that whilst they had low possession, they weren't completely outplayed so hats off to Ural!

But at the end of the day, this was a game that Kazan SHOULD'VE won .... and they did so! Well done Zlook!

And now we move onto the very last game of last night! Volga vs. FC Krasnodar!

A Krasnodar without Paulinho who just joined today (AMAZING SIGNING DAZZ! WELL DONE ONCE MORE!) but a Krasnodar that were still the much, MUCH better team in comparison to Volga!

With complete and absolute domination, Krasnodar pushed on from the first minute and fought fiercly for the first goal! And it came as a cold shower and a complete shock when Volga opened the goalscoring in the 32nd minute through Kharitonov! A low but well-placed shot and Begovic stood no chance against it!

But that were the only fun that Volga had all game because now, the Krasnodar KRUSH began!

Just 3 minutes after Volga took the lead, Krasnodar was right back in it! Dean Whitehead pushed through the defence after a fantastic pass from Lass Bangoura and smashed in the equalizer for Krasnodar!

then it took til the 2nd half and the 56th minute until the danish CB Zanka-Jorgensen smashed home his very first goal of the season! And what a timing on that first goal! 2-1 Krasnodar!

Then it was time for the man of the match to really make his mark on this game when he scored the final goal of the game! LASS BANGOURA!!! What a fantastic game that lad had!


From these stats we can see that once again were the unmanaged team completely dominated by the managed side and rightly so! Dazz has built himself a fantastic team at Krasnodar! And the arrival of Paulinho has only made him stronger! I fear him most of all for next season as he's a fantastic manager with a fantastic team! He's got my vote to win next season!

But yes, complete and clear domination of everything and Dazz should be proud of what he's accomplished thus far!


Only a few changes to the table from the last turn! CSKA drops down 1 spot to 2nd after drawing against Lokomotiv, and ofcourse Kazan climbs back up to 1st spot after their win over Ural!

On 5th place we now see Dazz and his powerful FC Krasnodar, they moved up to 5th on better goaldifference then Lokomotiv! And the most interesting thing of all is that now only 8 points separates the 1st placed team and the 7th placed team!

-Team of the Turn-


Since Spartak were the only team to face a managed side, they win by default! But hadn't they been facing an unmanaged side, I think that this award would've gone to FC Krasnodar for the first time!

Either way, a fantastic 3-0 win over Zenit and congratulations on yet another award Nin!

-Player of the Turn-



With 1 goal and 1 assist and another goal called of for offside ... Lass Bangoura was this turns hottest player and is thus awarded with Player of the Turn for the very very first time!

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Re: GC336 - Discussions,M/R's and Transfer news

Lokomotiv Moskva have appointed Sean McEvoy as their new manager.

At his unveiling press conference Sean had this to say.

"With very little funds and the lack of star players, it will be a challenge to compete with the top teams in this Russian league, whom are lead by strong experienced managers.

With six games to go in the league all eyes are on next season, but we will fight tooth and nail for every minute of each match to try and climb the league table"

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Re: GC336 - Discussions,M/R's and Transfer news

Poised nicely to strike and take top spot very soon

Yeah yeah ... dream on brother!

Lokomotiv Moskva have appointed Sean McEvoy as their new manager.

At his unveiling press conference Sean had this to say.

"With very little funds and the lack of star players' date=' it will be a challenge to compete with the top teams in this Russian league, whom are lead by strong experienced managers.

With six games to go in the league all eyes are on next season, but we will fight tooth and nail for every minute of each match to try and climb the league table"[/quote']

Welcome dude!!

:D Any relation to Ciaran McEvoy? :P

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Re: GC336 - Discussions,M/R's and Transfer news

Few more additions at the mighty Krasnodar :D

In come Toivonen, Sakai, Schwaab and Sergi Roberto. as well as a host of youth :)

That gets my Starting XI up to an 88 average when everyone is fit, which is the highest its been, so happy enough with that.

Also worth keeping an eye out for the Anzhi job, as the current manager has just left.

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