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Aaron Lennon  

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    • Aaron Lennon pushing onto 90
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He has a very bright future ahead of him' date=' but right now he still has alot to prove and learn.

You say he can ; "Cross the ball fantastically " but i feel he has no real consistancy in doing so, untill he masters all arts ov being a top wide player he should stay the same..... but his ratings are only ever going up.... so get him if any1 is daft enough to sell him... :D:D[/quote']

lol i made a bid and tottenham r selling for 19mill, is dat fair?

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Aaron Lennon rated shud be higher

ok i am a little confused over aaron lennons rated of 89. firstly he got picked over david becham in the england squad. bechams rating is 95. i dont see how this is fair. lennon got picked for the england squad becham didnt, wen the world cup woz on, ever1 saw how much beter lennon was, with his amazing pace. people myt be thinking he hasnt achived enough? excuse me, he woz the brightest talent in the worlds most physically demanding league last year, so he has achived. his rating should be at least 92-93, maybe even 94 if simao is 93 [somehow].

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isnt becham the white sauce you get in a lasagne???

As for Lennon, hasnt proved anytrhing this season to suggest he should be rated higher, good pacey winger is all he is, top rating of 90 id say!

No end product or poor crosser, just uses pace adn the same old trick to beat his man, gets found out after about 20 minutes of a match

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hasnt proved anything' date=' as he is currently injured.

when quoting allen hansen '' lennon is a brilliant crosser of the ball''. this is from a column he did on the 4th september in the guardian. he should be 91 then at least. if simao is 93.[/quote']

Comparing Simao to Lennon is a joke.

Hyped up beyond all proportion!! Before he was injured he was still cack, average player. Pennant, Dyer, Lennon,wright-phillips, jenas are dime a dozen, they all come in, get press and media backing behind them for a few months, and then drift off into the wilderness

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aaron lennon rating minimum rating shud be 90-92

lennon shud easily be compared with simoa. both have pace, altho lennon is quicker. howver lennon plays in the prem, the harderst league and most physical in the world and he still shines for the whole season. minimum of 90-92 rating he shud be from 89.

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Lennon is well overrated though. Not even close to Simao in terms of ability.

I think, the point can be easily seen here. Simao has enough in his locker to win a game outright with a piece of magic.. he demostrated this with a great goal out of nothing against liverpool some while back.

Lennon, in a million years could never do something like that. For all his pace, determination and whatever other attributes he has, he is simply a pesky player. not much guile or ability, just a 'handful' of a player.

The same could be said of duncan ferguson...

When used correctly of course, it can be a very effective way of playing football. But in general terms in doesnt make Aaron Lennon a world class player.

His rating should be 90 tops. Im also taking into account hes only had 1 full season as a pro...

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'Aaron Lennon isn't rated as much as Beckham etc' Do you want to know why/ Well, in the whole of the world cup, Beckham's crosses and free kicks and passes are where all of England's goals came from, if Aaron Lennon is rated 94, then messi should be a 98, ,what I am trying to say is that Aaron needs more experience and he is too young.

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I know there has been some stupid posts here but i want to bring this thread back up and get some more thoughts and serious thoughts on it.

1: I belive Lennon's position should now be W as he plays left and right for Spurs.

2: I think he should be rised to a 90/91. 89 just takes the mick at the way he has been playing this season. He's scoring and playing i would say an average rating of 8/10 every game.

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I think lennon should be moved up by atleast 1 he's pacey can take players on with ease and has great crossing ability. He prooves this time and time again 4 Spurs.And for England in the world cup.(He shouldve started every game over Beckham and Wright-Phillips)
hasnt played that many games for spurs, has looked a bit off form as well IMO. Dont think he has done much to deserve an increase from 89 to be honest, he is far from a regular at international level too.

....and I am a spurs fan!! What am i thinking... :D

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