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Greater cash offers from externals..

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i noticed in the last 24 hours that TL players seem to get far greater offers from the real life club of a player.

before you used to get between 2~3% on top of CV so couple of extra 100Ks, now its up to around 15~20%

couple examples..

A.ESCHENKO £6.2M CV Bradford City > Anzhi £7.2M

G.KAGELMACHER £5.0M Rushden & Diamonds > AS Monaco £5.8M

i know you used to (in a rare instance) get a decent offer from the real life club but it was never more than about 10%...

this is great news as you get a decent offer, rather than a little extra than your CVs...

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Re: Greater cash offers from externals..

Have noticed this as well with some of my players.

Papadopoulos valued at £12.8m got a bid of £14.7m

In my opinion it should work the other way as well, where external clubs don't accept the minimum cash value for a player. You should have to add a little bit onto the value to get the player, to sweeten the deal.

As when your in a competitive setup this is common practice because in the likely hood if it's a popular player then other managers could also bid so you minimum bid wouldn't be enough.

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