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Fans leave Messi & Friends charity game feeling scammed


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Numero 5 (different from the LA organizer), were able to sell about 80 "VIP" packages that promised to include "tickets with unprecedented field access following a meet and greet with the players, as well as a jersey and ball autographed by Messi" for a whopping $2,500 a piece.[/Quote]
But the fans from all over the country who purchased those VIP packages thinking they would get the rare chance to meet Lionel Messi in person ended up feeling they were the victims of a "classic bait and switch." The autographed ball and jersey turned out to be "a cheap plastic ball" and a "T-shirt" with the Messi autographs either stamped on or smudged and the pre-match meet and greet consisted of only a few of the professional footballers in a hot, windowless room. Lionel Messi — who was substituted in the 68th minute of the match and left the stadium before the final whistle so he could relax in Ibiza with friends and family — was not one of them.[/Quote]

Awful job by the promoters this is no way to be treated, I'm glad I didn't end up going to the game...MLS games are way better than this and your not scammed at all.

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