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Fantasy Premier League 2013/14

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Re: Fantasy Premier League 2013/14

Ive joined as well now :D Love these things :D

Here is my team

De Gea

Zabaleta - Koscelny (VC)- Jagielka - Clyne

Silva - Cazorla © - Nolan - Fernandinho

Sturridge - Bony

Subs - Robles - Redmond - Van wolfswinkel

I may swap Fernandinho just not to sure on him ' date=' I had a strong feeling to go to chadli but something held me back :D I do like my team its pretty stong :D[/quote']

Made a few changes

Coleman for clyne

Baines for Zab

Wanyama for Redmond

Robles for Mannone (too many everton players :P )

De guzman for Fernandinho ( Just wasnt convinced :P)

De gea

Coleman - Koscelny - Jags - Baines

Silva - Nolan - Cazorla - De Guzman

Bony - Sturridge

Subs - Mannone , Lowton , Wanyama , Van wolfswinkel

And great idea Stu , Well up for that

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Re: Fantasy Premier League 2013/14 My team: De Gea Kompany Luiz Koscienly Bale Hazard Yaya Toure Wanyama Cornelius Benteke Crouch Bench: Jagielka O'shea Kim

Re: Fantasy Premier League 2013/14 Yep! Obviously with Jovetic and Negredo incoming they will probably go in and I'll swap out some of the more expensive players. Not been that many decent defenders

Re: Fantasy Premier League 2013/14

Re: Fantasy Premier League 2013/14

Joined :) Fancy setting up a head-to-head league too Ben? They're usually good with a lot of people involved.

Team currently is:


Luiz - Richards - Jenkinson

Bale - Coutinho - Hazard © - Carrick

Dzeko - Lukaku (V) - Bony

Subs: Robles' date=' Pozuelo, Shaw, Okore[/center']

Good idea Stu.

I'll set one up now if people like?

Good idea. I've just set one up :)


I'll edit the first post so people can see it there too.

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Re: Fantasy Premier League 2013/14


Kompany - Vertongen - Collins

Walcott - Bale(VC) - Hazard © - Lampard - Routledge

Berbatov - Graham

Subs: Davis, Shaw, Baker, Cornelius.


Kompany - Mertesacker - Collins

Coutinho- Mata(VC) - Hazard © - Paulinho

Berbatov - Dzeko - Lambert

Subs: Davis, Shaw, Jagielka, Cabral.

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Re: Fantasy Premier League 2013/14

50th player in.

LOL 2 peaopl have the name FC BarcaBoneHer.

Prize for best name so far to Noisy, Tekkerslovakia actually made me laugh out loud.

my XI

De Gea

Kosc - Kompany - Luiz

Mata - Cazorla - Hazard - Mirallas

Weimann - Van Wolfswinkel - Giroud

Bench: Cork, Baker, Gazzaniga, Whittaker

Went for Solid Defence and Boss Midfield (serious goals in there) at the expense of a star striker. I feel giroud (if we dont buy) has 15 goals in him for 8.5 the striker of a big club good buy, and weimann and wolfswinkel so cheap, alot of good attack options at the mid table clubs now, if they cant handle it well transfer it is.

Arsenal -3 players

Chelsea -3 players

1 or less for every other team

Needless to say i love Arsenal and i think Chelski are the goods this year.

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Re: Fantasy Premier League 2013/14


Clyne - Okore - Shaw

Mata - Wanyama - Coutinho - Hazard

Van Persie - Lukaku - Benteke

Harper - Whittaker - Baker - Cabral

I knew i'd change it before the start of the season and i more likely will again! Went for a strong front 7 in the hope there points outweigh any i may potentially lose from a bad backline. Personally wanted Carzola instead of coutinho and a better goalkeeper than Vorm but happy with what i have on paper thus far! Think my backline is weak in terms of scoring points but all are solid imo , Okore should prove to be a great acquisition by Villa and i hope he does well Clyne and Shaw i had to get in two great young full backs who create as well as defend, think our backline will be a lot more solid in terms of not shipping as many goals this season as Mauricio seemed to have that all but sorted last term!

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Re: Fantasy Premier League 2013/14

I'm in..... though will probably do what I normally do with the Prem Fantasy Football & forget about it after 3 weeks! Anyway, my team:





Quite chuffed with that team for now, especially midfield. Wanted to get Fer in there but will see how he starts the season 1st. Gayle another gamble but if miracles exist, he'll continue his lower league scoring exploits in the Prem :)

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Re: Fantasy Premier League 2013/14

Im wishing I hadnt tied myself to a transferred XI' date=' although I have built what I think is a competitive team. Not a lot of transferred defenders has forced my hand a bit.[/quote']

Still plenty of time to change your mind! :P I don't think anyone would begrudge you :) I think I've changed mine a little as I'm not convinced by Bale's fitness going into the season (although I think he will stay at Spurs).

Mignolet, Robles;

Luiz, Richards, Jenkinson, Shaw, Okore;

Michu, Coutinho, Hazard, Silva, Barkley;

Dzeko, Lukaku, Bony.

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Re: Fantasy Premier League 2013/14

I've worked out how to change my team name. Going to make a few changes.

Out go Toure, Caulker, Okore (could live to regret that one) Figueroa, Navas, Fernandinho, Fer, Kone and Cornelius, in comes Agger, Williams, Jagielka, Luiz, Routledge, Coutinho, Michu, Lambert and Long.

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Re: Fantasy Premier League 2013/14


would you go for team A or team B?

Team A:


Azpilicueta Coleman Toure

Bale Hazard Wilshere Wanyama

Van Persie v. Wolfswinkel Deulofeu

Subs: Lewis, Shaw, Caulker, Kim

Team B:


Vidic Toure Zabaleta Luiz

Paulinho Hazard Wilshere

Van Persie Lambert v Wolfswinkel

Subs: Lewis, Coleman, Wanyama, Kim

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