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UEFA CUP 07/08

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Re: UEFA CUP 07/08

Nah we'll see another game of anti-football.

I appreciate why you would think that Krucinho, i just hope that everyone outside of Scotland understands the reasons why Rangers play the way they do this season, as it concerns me that people around the world will see and hear of our tactics in Europe and will think that this is how Rangers always play; defensive, long-ball etc etc.

Let's get one thing straight - if Walter smith felt he had good enough players he would NOT be playing 4-5-1 in Europe (or indeed the SPL at times) - historically under Walter Smith Rangers have always played a reasonably attack-minded 4-4-2 or 3-5-2/ 5-3-2.

What people need to realize is that this is Walter Smith's first full season back at Rangers and he is in the middle of re-building the team - of last nights starting 11 only 5 (Papac, Weir, Hemdani, Ferguson & Thomson) were even at the club this time last season.

Of the others, due to not having much money only Whittaker & Cuellar cost much (around £2m each), while Broadfoot & Darchville were Bosmans, Davis is on loan, and Alexander only cost approx £500,000.

When the Champions League draw was made, Smith knew the only chance of competing with Barcelona, Stuttgart and Lyon was to play 4-5-1, and after we dropped into the Uefa Cup the same was true about Werder Bremen, Sporting Lisbon and Fiorentina.

If Rangers always played negative football every season the fans wouldn't stand for it, this is purely a TEMPORARY requirement for this season only - it just so happens that unfortunately this is the season the whole of Europe and beyond will see us play this way.

It's already been stated that much of the £25m+ Rangers have made from the European games will be used to bring in better quality "flair" players for next season so we won't have to be so defensive against the big teams (Celtic included).

I personally think the Final will be very interesting; Zenit will have a lot of possession and be very attacking while Rangers will need to try and hit them on the break so it could be end to end stuff.

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Guest the plummer

Re: UEFA CUP 07/08

I was owned?? Never!!!

My tactics are for the SM game....Not real life....There is a HUGE!!!! difference!!.....

What I like seeing in REAL LIFE...and what I do on a GAME are 2 different things!!!

So...Owned?? Nah!!!

Mate Your right your wernt owned

you were Pis sed on

loved it ' date='B)


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Re: UEFA CUP 07/08

Just a quick post b4 i go to the airport to congratulate Rangers on gettin to the final and what a magnificent achievement it is in this amazin first full season for Walter and Ally.

Tonight is no doubt the biggest game of my life because bein born just a month after our previous Euro triumph way back in 1972:rolleyes: and despite seein such wonderful moments like 9-in-a-row,countless trebles,world class players i always think the glory of winnin a European trophy surpasses all of these achievements.

Hundreds of clubs have fell by the wayside and now only Zenit stand in the way of this Rangers team doin what all the great Rangers sides of the last 36 years hav failed to do.

This is their time.This is their chance to become legends.

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Re: UEFA CUP 07/08

lol Ok Welshman Admit You Were Owned By Machine In His Last Post :P

Anyway Hopyfully The Russians Do The Business' date=' & Celtic Go On To Win The League, Il Give Rangers The Leahue Cup & Hope qots Do Them In The Cup,[/quote']

All I have to say to that is.....

COME ON YOU GERS!!!!! :P Lets just put this to bed shall we!! Rangers play defensive football!!?! SO WHAT!!! Look at:

Greece - won 2004 Euros

Liverpool - won 2001 UEFA cup

and even look at Man U....they play a 4-5-1 albeit they have better wing men who make it a 4-3-3 when attacking! But no one's saying **** about their performances!

Now everyone knows football isn't when you play a 5-a-side and show off your skills to score goals....ITS A BUSINESS! B) Whats the ethos of business?? Buy a product for 50p and sell it for £1. Sell it less than 50p and you're bankrupt.

Now apply this to football.....why should we play (or attempt ;) to play lol) attractive football when it would lead to us scoring 2 goals but the opposition scoring 3 or 4 goals. At full-time, everyone says well done chaps for having a real go but unlucky you don't go through to the next round! That to me is a serious "D'oh" moment! I think every footie fan will tell you its about results and then performances! RANGERS ARE IN THE FINAL OF THE UEFA CUP! DON'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM THEM! WE'VE DONE IT! AND IF YOU'RE WANTING PREDICTIONS LOOK NO FURTHER THAN..

2-1 to the TEDDY BEARS....with wee Nacho scoring the winner and Alexander playing a BLINDER!!!! Cant wait for the game tomorrow night! :D

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