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I'm losing a lot of money - help!

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Re: SM , pls do something regarding finances of every club ..

Agreed, I've spent 1.5 years making a really strong Stoke team, yet due to my small stadium I am constantly losing money and they only way to stay in the green is to sell the great players i've worked so hard to get.

I've had consistent top 4 finishes every season I've played yet my stadium is tiny and I'm making no money at all it seems whereas teams like Arsenal, Utd etc who in my league have been languishing in the mid table a lot are still going to be bringing in more money due to the unrealistic setup.

I understand SM is based heavily on reality but it must also factor in how the game develops once a league begins, teams that constantly perform well should be able to increase their revenue to a level that is inkeeping with their position.

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Re: I'm losing a lot of money - help!

SM has made alot of changes recently to the way finances are managed.

Lower prize money, lower season ticket receipts, reduced p/ex values, having to pay half the wage bill for loaned out players to name just some.

I think this is because they are trying to bring back the value of money in this game by encouraging managers to take more control over their finances. Also I believe they are trying to stimulate internal transfer markets by reducing the amount of player hogging and the ridiculous size of some squads by forcing managers to sell players just to keep a healthy bank balance.

It wouldn't surprise if soon they don't introduce a feature whereby your chairman will automatically sell off your players if you leave your bank balance continuously negative.

On a positive note they seem to have adjusted the match engine so that higher rated teams don't have so much of an advantage. These days it seems to be more based on choice of formation & tactics, which of course should mean that good managers can reduce the overall rating of their club (hence maintain healthy bank balance) without impacting their success. This is, after all, how many clubs survive in real life.

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