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Forum League Gold Championship 350

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

Sheffield Wednesday 3-3 Leicester City

Last minute Equaliser from Chris Wood stole a point. Wood got 2 and Nugent with the other.

Leicester XI (5-3-2)


St.Ledger Morgan Gomez

De Laet........................................Schlupp




Hartlepool in the Cup on Monday.

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

Jeremy Madrigal earned a draw with Cardiff City against fierce rivals Swansea City in the South Wales Derby.The match ended 1 - 1 between Cardiff City and Swansea City in their Division 1 fixture.

Hudson was on the scoresheet for his side.[/Quote]

For a while felt like we'd somehow keep Swansea from getting a draw but it wasn't meant to be. But with the point, you'd think I'd be happy to get a point......however after today's game we learned Whittingham(Groin Strain) and Gunnarsson(Twisted Ankle) will be out of commission for a while.

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350


Lyon managed to scrape a win against fierce rivals, Lille OSC last night. Lille forward, salamon kalou struck first, in the fifth minute, giving lille the one goal advantage, soon to be followed by strike partner, Nolan roux who scored in the 33rd minute.

things began to look bad for lyon, however they were able to reply through wonderkid, clement grenier 2 minutes late. Lyon went in at half time, 2-1 down despite dominating possession, total shots and corners.

Lyon turned on the style in the second half however, with Arnold mvuemba scoring two in quick succession on his last game for the club. lille were unable to reply, and didn't look like scoring for the rest of the game, thanks to some excellent defensive work from the lyon back 3, sakho, dabo, and reveillere.

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

AZ Alkamaar update time :D

Since signing Maxwell, PuntingRed has added to his squad with promising young defender, Dario Del Fabro (18/77) has arrived from Cagliari for a nominal fee off £800k.

Meanwhile, in the first match of their Eredivise season the much revamped Dutch side were victorious. Indeed, it was three debutants who got the goals that gave AZ a 3-0 victory over Heracles in the form of Fabio Quagiarella, Maxwell and Robbie Kruse. Quagiarella was later handed the MoTM award for his performance on debut, and the signs look positive for the dutch side who were one of 9 sides to record victories this week, with their amazingly being no draws! Groningen sit top of the table, having won their match by 4 goals.

In other news, PuntingRed is said to have made a bid for a Central Midfielder in a deal that could be completed over the next 36 hours, whilst Mattias Johansson and Ettiene Reijen look set to leave the club like Steven Burghuis (£5M) did to Feyenoord earlier in the week.

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

The Iraola deal got reversed, not sure why but it's disappointing. It does allow me to finally bring in Totti for the agreed £10.5 million and external bids have finally come in.

Beat Fluminense 1-0 in my first game in charge, new signing Fernando with the only goal of the game.

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

Nice and easy 9-0 win in the cup for Leicester vs Hartlepool in the Shield. Waghorn got 4, Cuenca (playing FC) got 2 and Midfielder Matty James with 3. Scored goals on 81,83,84 and 85. Sold Paul Konchesky and Paul Gallagher to bring to £ into the club.

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

Don't think I stand much of a chance in the Champions League group stages in a group with Dortmund, Leverkusen and Barcelona but I've got off to a decent start.

Played a second string and managed to draw 2-2 with Dortmund away from home, the goals from 77 rated Rafinha and an 89th minute leveller from Maicon.

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

Finally Signed a FC, Nicklas Helenius from Villa for £5m. Pretty pleased with the signing and finally that get another FC in. Also signed 18 year old Calum Chambers from Southampton. He's on the verge of a first team breakthrough and I think he will have a similar season to what James Ward-Prowse had last season:)

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

Noisy (Forum) steered Newcastle United to victory against Norwich City.

Newcastle United beat Norwich City 2 - 0 in their Division 1 fixture.

Ibrahimovic scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

Gutiérrez was also on the scoresheet for his side.

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

Made another couple of signings at AZ following our victory in the first match of the season, and ahead of tonight's encounter with Utrecht.

Victor Ibarbo has arrived from Cagliari for £7.5M, as the Columbian looks to have a very bright future. In addition to that, we've brought in Gaston Silva, a promising young Centre Back from Defensor.

Following the sales of Heublok, Gudmonsson and Ortiz in recent days, we've now got £10M to play around with in our search for the elusive Central Midfielder that we need to complete the squad for the moment.

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350


-Game 1/34-

Alright! WELCOME! ... The time has come for me to kick off what'll be the first of 2 weekly reviews a week (might do cup ones aswell if I'm in the mood for it) ... 34 games in the season ... 1 played ... 33 left.

This is the 3rd GC that I'm doing this in! The others being 333 & 336. Reviews in those two GCs have been done very sporadic due to the fact I haven't been feeling well and the fact that my life have been utter chaos for a few weeks!

But now here in 350, and ofcourse also in the other two, I shall be starting to do these eiter after every turn ... or in the days that follow! Either way, a review will be up before the next game is played!

But yeah, here's the first review of Bundesliga in GC350! I hope that you all enjoy!


Right...I'm not really certain about who exactly are a forumer and not, but I know that all those that are on my friendslist in this division are forumers ... and I think I recall the Dortmund manager posting something on here a few days or so ago .... so bear with me


First off the results table are Richard Lobb and his almighty Schalke! They went up against quite a strong and decent Hanover side!

The game started out quite slowly with nothing really to report other then a few shots here and there ... it wasn't until the 53rd minute that Schalke scored the first goal of the game!

Hanover LB Schulz tackled Farfan to the ground and the ref blew his whistle for a FK in favour of Schalke 04! ... Farfan stepped up, eyed the ball ... stepped back a few feet and then smacked the ball!

The FK was hit very low and surprised both the wall and the Hanover GK as it went in just inside the post! ... 1-0 Schalke and now they really put some pressure on Hanover!

But it just weren't meant to be as Hanover came back through the brilliant mind of their playmaker Mame Diouf who asssited both of Hanover's goals ... both Stindl's and Schlaudraff's goals were a result of the pure genius of Diouf!


As you can see from the match statistics, it was a very close game and Hanover emerged as the most deserving winners! S04 needs to up their game if they're to compete on the highest level this season!

Next up we have Danny's Eintracht that visited Freiburg! A game that on paper promised to be a very tight and even match! Wich, looking back at the actual result ... it was!

It was a tad back and forth during the starting minutes but in the 10th minute Garra Dembele gets his head to the cross and just manages to go in the back of the net, making it 1-0 Freiburg! Freiburg was only ahead for 12 minutes as following a couple of rough plays both ways ... Takashi Inui managed to get the ball to Stefan Aigner who managed to get his foot at it and taps it into the back of the net! This was then the score until the 50th minute when Ginter broke free and smashed the ball into the back of the net! 2-1 Freiburg and this is when Freiburg really took control of the game ... but after a playup mistake ... Frankfurt got hold of the ball and Takashi Inui once again gets the ball into the box and Pirmin Schwegler smashes the equalizer into the back of the net in the 81st minute ... wich was the final score! All in all a great game with very good performances from both teams! Inui was the standout "star" ... 2 assists ... you've perhaps got a wee gem there eeh danny?


As you can clearly see from the stats above, Frankfurt was clearly the team that was in charge of this game! winning the possession, acing it on the corners and only really losing out on shots on goal! All in all, a very good competative game!

After this, we have my very own Leverkusen who visited Mainz for the first game of the season here in 350. We went there thinking we'd lose (because with my luck ... that always happen!) but instead we managed to run away with 1 point after Sidney Sam and Stefan Kiessling scored the 1-2 goal and the 2-2 equalizer in the range of 4 minutes ... 80-84. without these two ... a loss would've been a fact.

Kiessling is the proven goalscorer for Leverkusen with Lucas Barrios as his partner and Adam Szalai as backup. Right now, Kiessling showed us that he's capable of scoring and helping the team to vital points!

BUT! ... Had it not been for the wonderful GK skills of Bernd Leno ... then we would've lost the opening game as Mainz got a penalty in the 87th minute! But Leno was on top of it and we walked away with 1 point and a cheeky smile on our face!


As shown by the stats above, this game is one that we're lucky to have walked away with 1 point from! We were under immense pressure from Mainz from the 1st minute til the last and had it not been for Bernd Leno ... we wouldn't have gotten the 1 point! Only 2 shots on goal aswell ... shows that our strikers are absolutely clinical! Really need to up ourselves til next game tonight tho! And a brand new Starting XI (cept for Leno) will take the field against Nürnberg!

Next up we have hdixit and his Nürnberg (tonights opponents for Leverkusen!). They played host to Hertha Berlin! And this is a Hertha side that in the actual BundesLiga prooved just how good they are! But nontheless, they were unmanaged and perhpas hdixit should've come away with the win.

I actually take this statement back as I justhad a look at Hertha's starting XI and they had the better team so kudos hidixit!

Hertha was also the team that opened the scoring on this night when Adrian Ramos bagged his first of the season after only 6 minutes having been played! this was then followed up by an equalizer in the 41st minute from Mike Frantz wich brought the game to equal figures! after this we had to wait until the 73rd minute when Iborra gave Hertha the lead for the 2nd time in the game before Alexander Esswein banged the 2-2 goal in with only 5 minutes to play left on the clock ... thus winning his Nürnberg 1 vital point!


Despite having the lesser team on paper ... it was Nürnberg that dominated pretty much the entire game and put the big pressure on Hertha Berlin! in the end it just wasn't enough and they were lucky to get away with the 1 point after the game!

After this, we go onto Dortmund and their game against Hamburg! A game that should in all honesty have been won easily by Dortmund! .... And whilst Dortmund scored the 2 goals (Gundogan and Aubameyang) and had a 62% possession ... it was actually Hamburg that DOMINATED the stats ... wich you can seel below!


I don't really have much more to add about this Dortmund tbh ... other then that IF they don't up their game ... they'll be a mid-table club this season!

And after this we're onto the absolutely last forum game last turn. It's Ninster and his Gladbach against heavyweights Bayern Munich!

A game that on paper ... predicted a game that'd be absolutely dominated by Bayern's stars! ... BUT ... Ninster isn't one of the greatest SM managers for nothing :P

And despite the fact that Bayern were 2-0 up before 20 minutes had gone by .. Gladbach pulled themselves together and managed to pull of an absolute miracle against Bayern! Gladbach even had a player sent off but this didn't concern them as they went on to a fully deserved point in there 1st game!


And as you can see from the stats ... Bayern dominated the game and had Gladbach under pressure the entire game! But Gladbach held their ground honourably and managed to clinch a point! Kudos Ninster!


And there you have it! The very first table of 350 - Bundesliga!

We'll start with the bottom 5!

18. Hamburg

17. Augsburg

16. Hoffenheim

15. Schalke

14. Bremen


Top 5 :

1. Wolfsburg

2. Dortmund

3. Braunschweig

4. Hanover

5. Stuttgart

-Team of the Turn-


Was quite an easy decision tbh! After being completely outplayed and having a player sent off ... Mönchengladbach managed to pull off a miracle comeback against German heavyweights Bayern Munchen! ... This is why I'm awarding them with the Team of The Turn! Keep it up and good work Nin!!

-Player of the Turn-



You might agree or you might disagree but the fact of the matter is that Leno made save after save after save and kept Leverkusen in the game against Mainz and he even saved a penalty in the 87th minute ... thus ... being the MOTM (imo) for his absolutely outstanding performances!!!

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

Jeremy Madrigal earned a draw with Cardiff City against Stoke City.The match ended 1 - 1 between Cardiff City and Stoke City in their Division 1 fixture.

Smith was on the scoresheet for his side.[/Quote]

Nothing to really say here, if we're gonna manage just getting draws there's more than likely no chance we'll stay in the EPL.

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

Ciaran McEvoy steered River Plate to victory against Belgrano.

River Plate hammered Belgrano 5 - 0 in their Division 1 fixture.

Vangioni scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

Cyriac and Viana were also amongst the goalscorers.

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

Before the start of the season, AZ probably would have taken a point against Utrecht considering the amount of upheaval they've faced however following recent signings there is no doubt PuntingRed was targeting this as a game to win.

However, it was not to be as despite having 60% of the possession, and 11 of 15 shots on target they were held to a frustrating 0-0 draw as the Utrecht keeper (Ruiter) put in a MoTM performance. To make this even more frustrating, Utrecht had had a man sent off after 33 minutes.

The result leaves AZ in 5th place, as one of only 5 unbeaten sides in the Eredivise with Feyenoord and PSV the only side with 100% records.

Looking to sign a midfielder before their next match against Go Ahead Eagles, AZ will be targeting three points in that match - with Victor Ibarbo set to make his debut following his £7.5M move from Cagliari, and Roy Beerens now out for 3 weeks after picking up an injury.

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

AZ Alkmaar are delighted to announce their new Central Midfield signing :D

Arriving from Lille for a bargain price of £10M is French International Central Midfielder (also capable of playing in Defensive Midfield), Rio Mavuba (29/90). The new signing has been brought in order to provide competition for fellow new signings Tom Huddlestone and the soon to retire David Albelda. It is also rumored that manager PuntingRed is considering bringing in a younger player to operate as backup for this trio, possibly selling Willie Overtoom in order to do so.

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