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Forum League Gold Championship 350

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

my lyon side's lack in depth is beginning to show now, as I endured 3 injuries in my last game, a 2-1 defeat to mid-table side valenciennes. I now sit 8th in the league, with 3 points from 2 games, and a goal difference of 0. I had a midweek European victory over little adilade united, with my reserves winning 3-1.

other news includes a new signing for lyon, of French nationality. salif sane, a former player of hannover in Germany joins up with the lyon squad today for a fee of about 10 million. lisandro lopez also departed yesterday, to zenit for about 10 million. jimmy birand will fill the gap in the team left by lisandro, and barry bannan will play there when birand is injured or suspended, allowing new boy salif sane to play in the central midfield role.

my squad is beginning to take shape, its a massive shame some idiot decided to ruin the lass transfer from rayo vellecanco, however I am sure he will join in good time.

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350


-Game 2/34-

And so! Last-last turn was a complete and utter mediocre disaster for alot of the teams! I don't think I've ever seen such a big amount of draws before .... EVER.

But .. last turn ... we actually saw a few forum managed team get wins ... some lost and some drew! But that's life! But here it comes! The 2nd review of GC350!


Okey! Here we go! A massive 4(!) games played that involved forum managed sides (2 games with 2 forum managed sides) and we'll go through each game from top til bottom!

Right! We start this off with taking a look at Richard and his Schalke 04!

I said it in the last review that they really really need to up their game ... and Richard seems to have listened as S04 absolutely hammered Freiburg 4-1!

This was a game that had almost everything! But at the end of the day, what we shall be focusing on is Julian Draxler! The young german superstar that absolutely carried Schalke on his shoulders against Freiburg! Not only did he assist to 1 goal in the 4-1 win ... no ... he smashed 2 goals in himself! And what goals they were!

2 perfectly placed shots and the Freiburg GK was absolutely shocked! Because Draxler's 2 goals came in the 3rd and 7th minute!

But it didn't end there ... Huntelaar added to the tally and made it 3-0 in the 9th minute ... game,set,match! 3 goals within the first 10 .... Freiburg was absolutely shocked and whilst they tried ... they only managed to get 1 goal back!


If we take a wee look at the stats here above we can clearly see that Schalke, whilst winning and whilst having the better possession % wasn't the team that put the most pressure on the other! Freiburg had loads of chances but weren't able to convert them to goals! Wich at the end of the day was the reason for them losing!

We continue on with Danny and his Eintracht! An Eintracth side that actually drew against Freiburg in the 1st turn. Now however, they were up against Mainz! A Mainz team that in their first game of the season drew with the almighty Leverkusen! So two teams that come from their own draws! Quite an interesting game on paper ... and the teams...they did not dissapoint!

Stindl opened the goalscoring in the 6th minute for his Mainz with Moreno adding another goal to the Mainz lead in the 13th! A very quick lead, quite similar to the one in our first game of the night between Schalke and Freiburg!

Mainz held onto their lead for approximately 12 minutes when Meier scored the important 1-2 goal before Jung equalized in the 39th minute!

So we had 4 goals, 2 from each team, before 40 minutes had gone by! a very entertaining first half it ws! And who'd go onto win it you ask? Danny did us forumers proud as he went on to win in after a goal in the 75th minute by Rosenthal! There wasn't really much more to this game then this ... so lets look at the stats!


Going by the stats. This was Frankfurts game! Without a doubt! Even on the possession but they beat Mainz on the shots. and quite rightly so looking at the game itself! I feel that 4-2 or 5-2 would've been a more fair score in favour of Frankfurt in all honesty!

We jog onto the first of the forum clashes! Leverkusen Vs. Nürnberg!

The game itself looked incredibly tight beforehand and as the Leverkusen gaffer wasn't pleased with how his lads had performed against Mainz in the opening game ... he decided to do quite a few changes to the team!

The ENTIRE (!) starting XI was swapped (except for Leno), and footballing "experts" went out before the game started and was very negative regarding the aforementioned fact! But Leverkusen didn't give a twonk about what the experts thought and went into the game against Nürnberg thinking and believeing that they could beat them! And in the end, it proved to be the right move by Gaffer Bishop!

New signings from Schalke, Felipe Santana and Adam Szalai, were the players that were behind the win! Santana scored a beatiful goal from the edge of the penalty area in the 30th minute and Adam Szalai scored the 2-0 goal on a penalty just 2 minutes later! 2-0 Leverkusen and everything was well!

Then Santana thought for a second he was an Arsenal player and went in without thinking against Esswein and the ref immedieately showed him the red card! 1 man down and 2-0 up in the 44th minute!

Nürnberg exploited the weakened defense in the 54th minute when Mike Frantz scored his 2nd of the season to make it 2-1 Leverkusen! But they never got any closer then that as the game ended 2-1 to Leverkusen!


it was an extremely close game, wich can be seen from the stats here above! But the mere fact that we had a player sent off and still managed to go on and win it ... shows some serious strength! Hoping to repeat this tonight against Freiburg aswell!

We head into the last forum managed game! Wich also happens to be a forum clash!

:eek: Dortmund Vs. Mönchengladbach!

A game that had.....pretty much nothing! (Yawn)

Extremely boring game with a TOTAL ... OF ... 5 .... SHOTS .... ON ... TARGET!

Bloody hell ... when Dortmund plays ... usually it's twice that .... FOR THEM!!! ... But then again, dortmund had the weirdest looking tactics I've ever seen!

But nevertheless ... on these 5 shots, we saw an amazing 4 goals!

Gladbach took the lead in the 21st through Bent .. Schmelzer caused the penalty and Bent bagged it without any real trouble!

Lewandowski heads the ball into the back of the net after a great FK from Marco Reus in the 32nd minute! 1-1. Mr.Aubameyang then took Dortmund into the lead with his superb shot in the 66th minute! 2-1 Dortmund! But it just weren't meant to be as Bystrov equalized and clinched a point for Gladbach in the 70th minute!

And, like I said, it really weren't more to the game! A giant snoozefest if anything!


And like I've mentioned earlier ... it was an absolute snoozefest!

I mean just look at the stats! Do they not make you wanna weep? :P

I hope for both these teams sake that they soldier on and get a few more points and up their game if they're to stand a chance this season!


We'll start with the bottom 5!

18. Hamburg / Hamburg climbed to 10 and was replaced at 18th by Augsburg

17. Augsburg / Augsburg dropped down to 18th and was replaced by Bremen

16. Hoffenheim / Hoffenheim climbed to 8th and was replaced on 16th by Freiburg

15. Schalke / Schalke climbed to 7th and was replaced on 15th by Nürnberg

14. Bremen / Bremen dropped to 17th and was replaced on 14th by Mainz


Top 5 :

1. Wolfsburg / Wolfsburg dropped down to 9th and was replaced on 1st place by Stuttgart

2. Dortmund / Dortmund remains 2nd placed

3. Braunschweig / Braunschweig dropped all the way down to 13th and was replaced on 3rd place by Hertha Berlin

4. Hanover / Hanover dropped down to 11th and was replaced on 4th by Eintracht

5. Stuttgart / Stuttgart climbed to 1st and was replaced by Leverkusen

-Team of the Turn-


You may think me bias but I'm no such thing! Santana was sent off in the 44th minute, meaning I was playing a full half against a forum managed Nürnberg with only 10 men! That's one hell of an achievment! And it's even more of an achievment to go on and win the game under those circumstances!

-Player of the Turn-



Julian Draxler was the obvious choice here! 2 goals and 1 assist in his Schalke's 4-1 win over Mainz says it all really! A splendid performance from the young german that terrifies everyone else in Bundesliga! Thoroughly deserves to be awarded Player of the turn!

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

I love your posts elohim! they're brilliant!

anyway, back to the French league.

I managed to steer my almighty lyon side to victory over SC bastia, who had actually won their previous two games, so im quite pleased with the end result.

the match finished 2-1, with gonalons and lopez banging in the goals for me, with the golden oldie, and bastia captain, francois modesto scoring in-between the 2 lyon goals.

I have been drawn against Dijon in the cup, and face the mighty Marseille next week in the league!

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

We'll my short time at Coventry must have got me notice as I have been offered the psg position. What a shambles they are in! Some truly terrible transfers including buying all external youth for some weird reason, 40 or more of them!

In terms of team menez and pastore can leave, looking for central midfielders or defenders.

Thiago Silva can go for a huge offer.

The ibra deal is ludicrous but jallet hurts me more. This may take a while to fix :P

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

AZ Alkmaar update time :D

So since having signed Rio Mavuba, PuntingRed has made another addition to the Central Midfield area of his squad in signing Vincent Pajot (22/87) from Rennes for a fee of £7M. This leaves the side with Huddlestone, Mavuba, Albelda and now Pajot as the options in this area of the side. The next target for the club is said to be a central defender, with Wille Overtoom transfer listed in order to try and generate some cash in order to fund a sale.

In match news, AZ had a fantastic 5-0 win over Go Ahead Eagles in their last match to put them 2nd in the table! Failing to make the breakthrough until half way through the 2nd half as Maxwell got his 2nd goal in as many games from Left Back they then kicked on with a 2nd from debutant Victor Ibarbo before three goals in the last ten minutes by Zouma, Quagiarella and Martens respectively. This fantastic victory moved AZ up to 2nd in the table behind the only team with a 100% record after 3 games in the Eredivise, Feyenoord.

The next match is set to be a far tougher encounter, against PSV Eindhoven.

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350


my lyon side is pretty much were I want it now for the season, I am very happy with the transfers I have made, I have brought in a total of 5 players:

transfers in:

salif sane, of hannover 96 for a fee of 10 million

Leonardo bittencourt, again from hannover, for a fee of around 7.5 million

barry bannan, of aston villa for a cut price deal of 5.5 million

mahamadou sakho, of fellow title chasers PSG in exchange for Samuel umitti and 7 million. expensive, but worth it!

Jeffery gouweleeuw, from AZ for about 7 million

transfers out:

yohan gourcuff, to mochengladbach, in exchange for 6.5 mil and young forward, pemiel mlapa

lisandro lopez, departing to Villarreal for a healthy 10 million

Anthony reveillere, off to zenit for 9 million

Michael bastos, to west brom for 8 million (the day before he dropped, yay!)

Arnold mvuemba, again, to Russian giants zenit, this time for a fee of 8 million

as I said, I am very pleased with these, as I have been able to sign younger and arguably better replacements for all the players I have sold, freshening up my squad greatly, which at the start of the season was my aim. im only looking to do one more deal, I will happily offer two of my defenders in exchange for an 89+ defender as I feel I need more quality in that department.

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

Nice run of form for Leicester, currently 4 unbeaten after a 3-1 win over Middlesbrough , Helenius proving to be a quality addition, 5 goals in 5 games since his £5m switch from Villa. Signed Pedro Franco from Besiktas to try and stop conceding so many goals, Yattara came in for Knockaert to help out in my striking which didn't have a lot of options, and have 1 more playing incoming:)

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

Not much to state at AZ, things are going well with Dider Digard the most recent acquisition. Am probably going to stick with the current squad for the time being though as they're serving me well.

Following an unfortunate defeat to Ajax last time out which would have put as joint top we now sit 3rd on 14th points behind PSV and Feyenoord - not too shabby at all. :)

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

Can i just ask this, to anyone thats ever done deals with me, have I ever asked for gold coins in return to buy players for minimum cash?

I just messaged the Sociedad manager this:

1 Sep 2013 17:52

hi can we do a deal for griezmann in gold 350? im liverpool

1 Sep 2013 18:18

Hi mark he is a top player it would take alot more gold for me to sell.

1 Sep 2013 18:40

what would you like from me?

1 Sep 2013 18:45

Its too big amount but here it goes 18,000.

1 Sep 2013 18:49

oh you just want cash for him?

1 Sep 2013 19:47

sorry not gold coins

1 Sep 2013 20:05


1 Sep 2013 20:27

Gold coins only.18,000

What I said was in bold, and now hes claiming i want to buy people for coins, is it just me that sees this guy as completely thick? If i asked you, 'can i buy player a in gold 350' would you think i meant buy a player for 350 coins or buy a player IN gold champ 350? Seriously annoying me

Edit: img12.imageshack(dot)us/img12/324/goif.png theres a screenshot, just basically wanted to prove that hes full of rubbish, that and the fact i had nothing better to do with my sunday evening

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Re: Forum League Gold Championship 350

Marseille has a solid win against Toulouse smashing them 5-0.

The main culprits were the Ayew brothers with both Jordan and Andre scoring twice and providing an assist, it was Marseille's first victory in 4 games after re working their squad in recent times but things seem to be falling into place finally.

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