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Concern transfer cheats


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I'd rather not this public but must.

In a certain WC a manager obviously controls multiple sides.

His main side allows players to build up level 5 concerns.

His spare teams of which he has at least 3 then bid ridiculous amounts. For example 20M for an 82 ,. It is impossible to appeal against these transfers and he can do endless ones per year as they are counted as computer transfers.

The manager has admitted cheating on the newspaper. SM have reverse all his dodgy deals once , but did not remove him or his slave teams. Now he is at it again. It is so obvious that I have in advance named the teams and the bids for players that he will make.

One of his slave teams has an average rating of 82 and networth of74M amother an average rating of 81, that is how he bids so much..

This needs to be stopped or it will ruin this game world and the whole of SM..

If the mods or SM want names and teams I will provide..

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