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SM Predict - Season 3 Week 9


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Re: SM Predict - Season 3 Week 9

Well its been a long time coming but the weekend and week 9's games are finally upon us. The following people are yet to do their predictions and need to have them in by 1200 hrs tomorrow or they will miss out this week.


Shelbourne FC







Oobee 007


Mark 1978


Lilrick 25




Darshan j

Toggs Thomas

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Re: SM Predict - Season 3 Week 9

Make up your mind Greig.

These predictions..

Middlesbrough 0-2Chelsea [ESB]

Everton 1-0 Liverpool

Nots Forest 2-1 Doncaster

Lincoln 1-1 Peterbrough

QPR 2-1 Ipswich

Colchester 0-1 West Brom


Valencia 2-1 Deportivo

Villareal 1-2Barcelona

Or these?

Middlesbrough 2 vs 1 Chelsea {ESB}

Everton 1 vs 0 liverpool

Notts Forest 2 vs 1 Doncaster

Linclon 1 vs 3 Petersbourgh

QPR 0vs 2 Ipswich

Colchester 1 vs 2 West Brom

Valencia 2 vs 0 Deportivo

Villareal 1 vs 1 Barcelona


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Guest the plummer

Re: SM Predict - Season 3 Week 9

:mad: ah know a done tht wers my first one what post number as i cant find it :mad:

Sorry leigh all delete my second ones:o*Puts head in Dishwasher*

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Re: SM Predict - Season 3 Week 9

Time Keeping - Rules

posts must be made no later than 12pm on the saturday of the matches. sometimes games can have 12.05 or 12.30 kick offs. this is a rule that will be adhered to strictly. if a post says 12.01pm next to it then it will not be entered. this isn't extreme. if 12.01 is allowed then 12.03 will shortly follow and so on..

any posts that have been edited after 12pm on the saturday will not be scored and that player will receive 0 for that week. no excuse can be given for this rule to be overturned. there is no need for anyone to edit a post after this time.

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Re: SM Predict - Season 3 Week 9

whys it matter im 3 minuits late..?

liverpool and everton only just began lol

ok i had 2 week but only remember the predict this morning waking out of bed

Sorry Tom , you missed the 12pm cutoff and your predictions will not count for this week. The rules are clear and have to be followed!

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