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Italy 14141

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So the 14141 Italy Championship starts in a few days and i was wondering if there was a few people out there with an unused club that they would be interested in participating?

Seeing as this part of the forums is dead at the moment (not a single post in a month) perhaps something like this could re-entice some of you who like Serie A football or give people who haven't tried Serie A teams before!

I'd like it to be an active thread of course so if you have any forum happy friends feel free to tell them about it :)

Post if you would be interested in this idea possibly?

Current Forumers List

Cagliari - Fiorentina

PinkMan - Inter

Noisy - Napoli

Ashtini - Juventus

Benjo_Benjo - AC Milan

CiaranMc - AS Roma

Dan James - Udinese

Geoffrey - Parma

Gozzy - Chievo

Nick Justice - Bologna

Zlookvolk - Atalanta

Pip - Palermo

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Re: Italy 14141

I used to follow Italian football when I was younger but not as much now. It seems to be on its way back up a bit though. I've always had a soft spot for Milan since days when they had Gullitt, van Basten and Rijkaard.

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