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Adding Editable Attendances to SW

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Attendance is a key figure for every Soccermanager player as it is the main financial source for clubs. SM decided to determine attendance figures with real life information several years ago, I was against this decision also but it's not the issue that I will complain right now. I'm OK now with this type of mechanism but there are serious issues about this.

For example here is last season's attendance figures for Turkish Süper Lig.


So I wait a similar figures (~35.000-40.000) for example for Gala's SM attendances.

However, there are some shocking results.


It's GC159, fourth season and Galatasaray sits second in the table.


Another shocking result. It's GC216, Galatasaray crowned champions but the attendance figure isn't near 30.000.

Let's examine attendance in specific matches.


2012-2013 season Galatasaray v. Gençlerbirliği, 45.000 Spectators.


2012-2013 season Galatasaray v. Antalyaspor, 47.500 Spectators.

In GC190, I have a Galatasaray team in third season already crowned champions first two seasons. Here's the second and third matches of the third season respectively versus Antalyaspor and Gençlebirliği.


Attendances are nowhere near real-life.

Here are some mathematics.

Week 2013-07-17. Two home games played. (v. Gençlerbirliği and v. Antalyaspor)

Total gate receipt: 1,252,205.

Total attendance: 15,610 + 16,334 = 31,944.

If the SM attendances were the same with real-life, total attendance should be 92.500.

92.500 / 31,944 = ~ 2,89.

Then the total gate receipt, if the attendances were correct, would be ~3,626,000.

The loss in 2 home games is ~2,373,795.

As my team plays 17 home games per seasons, loss in a season due to incorrect attendance information is ~20,177,257.

And after three seasons it would make ~60,531,772.

Net financial loss is more than 50M for three seasons.

Methodology isn't much important, calculate it in my way or with the average total attendance figures it should make only slight differences. In the end, my team suffers a big financial loss.

So when I realized all this, I thought that, as all real-life information in Soccermanager comes through the SoccerWiki and the community could edit them, I could edit the attendance figures in Soccerwiki. But I couldn't manage to do this because there isn't any way of doing this. I really believe that this issue must be solved :)


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