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English Premier League 13/14 Predictions Game.

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Well, with the new season fast approaching, just thought I'd throw this out there and see if I could get a few of us in for a predictions game throughout the season.

Basically, looking for just the ten of us (number may vary) who are gonna stick at it and not waver away after the first couple months.

I've decided not to go basic with this one so there's gonna be quite a bit going on to make it more interesting than just posting outcomes of every match each week. Everything has already been planned out and will be unveiled in due course.

Not gonna explain the concept of it right now as just needed to see if many would be interested (plus i'm very tired right now). It will be posted over the next few days though so keep your eyes peeled.

There will be prizes involved (nothing too extreme :P) and I'll be sorting out a thing or two to get us going and keep us occupied before the season commences. Should be good fun!

So that's all for now, let me know on here if you are interested and please, only do if you're gonna stick around. Thanks!


Interest List (11)





Adamas Spero







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Re: English Premier League 13/14 Predictions Game.

The Concept

Okay, so there's going to be a few different ways to score and lose points in this competition. I'll just get straight to it.

Match Outcomes

Each week, i'll post all matches on the thread for each game weekend (Sat, Sun, Mon) and participants will predict the outcomes. E.g. Home Win, Draw, Away Win.

For each correct prediction, 3 points will be awarded BUT for each incorrect prediction, 3 points will be deducted from your score. You do NOT have to predict the outcome of all matches, you are able to pick which matches you have a go at. There is no minimum or maximum amount of matches you can post.

Optional Extras

Each week, there will be 3 additional chances to win or lose points. I will post 3 questions relating to the weekends fixtures and you can choose whether or not to post predictions for these questions.

The points available will vary depending on the question and you will lose points for incorrect predictions.

E.g. Will Van Persie score against Wigan? (+/- 3 points)

Bonus Round

Each week I will post 2 bonus round questions. These questions are freebies as you won't lose points for predicting incorrectly. These questions will both be worth 5 points and will be won by at least one person each week.

If someone predicts correctly then they receive the points, if nobody predicts correctly then the points will go to whoevers prediction was closest.

E.g. How much possession will Arsenal end up with against Chelsea?

So that will be it for the regular weekly predictions. Now onto a couple of other features I'll be adding.

Season Long Predictions

Before the campaign kicks off, each participant will get the chance to predict on outcomes of the Premier League season. These will be sent to me before the first game of the season and can be edited up until that first game kicks off.

Points will be awarded at the end of the season for correct prediction.

Here they are:

League Winners:

Runners Up:

Teams Relegated:

Top Scorer:

Most Assists:

Most Yellow Cards (Player):

Most Clean Sheets (Player):

For each correct prediction in this part, you will recieve an extra 10 points. (10 each for each correct 'Teams Relegated' prediction.)

Star Man

Each participant will also get the chance to pick a star man before the season starts and each time this player is awarded MOTM in any league fixture, 10 points will be added to your score.

This player cannot be changed once the season is underway.


I will of course be keeping an overall leaderboard but will also be keeping track of over things via leaderboards such as:

-Most Round Wins

-Highest/Lowest Scores in a Round

-Star Man Points

-Bonus Round Leaderboard


I've yet to decide on a prize but was thinking of trying something different. Possibly your points becoming your final prize via SM Credits. E.g. You end on 500 points so that's what prize you get. This way prizes won't be huge but will give everybody something to play for, for the whole season.

Or everybody could agree on a certain amount to 'throw in' and the total is split between the top 2/3.

This can be discussed later anyway as it's not massively important, just makes things more exciting.

Other Notes:

-All predictions must be posted before the earliest kick-off on Saturday (even if you're not predicting the outcome on that game)

-Any posts edited after this time will be void.

-General discussion/banter will be allowed on the thread but nothing off topic.

-I will post outcomes on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays each week as well as the next weeks fixtures/questions.

And I think that pretty much covers everything for now. Please do state your interest if you wish so we can get things rolling ASAP. Any question please feel free to ask me.

Rules are pretty much set in stone now and any changes will be minor ones. (unless I realize i've forgotten something).

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Re: English Premier League 13/14 Predictions Game.

That makes 6 of us so far, the reason i'm aiming for just 10 people is so it's easier to get in people that will stick with it for the whole season so make sure you all do


May go upto 12 if get more interest just incase 1 or 2 drop out.

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Re: English Premier League 13/14 Predictions Game.

I'm in mate. :)

Q1 : Can we have same star man with others?


Yes' date=' star men can be the same.

That way nobody has the advantage of picking first etc..

p.s. Good to have you in![/center']

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Re: English Premier League 13/14 Predictions Game.

Okay, line up is complete.

11 people in which is the perfect number for any football related game :rolleyes:

Will be starting things off early next week so stay posted.

Most of the early activity i'll send via PM anyway.

1st issue will be sorting out a prize and getting season long predictions sorted but leave it with me for a couple days as I have a busy weekend.

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