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Kieran GIBBS or Martin KELLY or Phil JONES


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Hey, I don't know who to buy, Phil Jones is the best absolutley but I need someone that can play RB or LB too.

On my team are Luis Gustavo CB and Kirchof CB then J.Boateng RB and Emre Can LB. And Uroš Čošič on the CB change.

I have player to rotate the defense and I will probably trade Čošič and someone else for Jones but if he loses the RB then I did nothing.

So do you thin Jones will keep his RB? When no who should I buy Kelly or Gibbs.

My kader but there comes Boateng for Caceres.


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Re: Kieran GIBBS or Martin KELLY or Phil JONES

Hey' date=' what do you think, just between kelly and gibbs, who has the better future?[/quote']

Phil Jones should keep his CB/RB position as he is splits time with Rafael on the right. I would go for Phil, but between Gibbs and Kelly, it's a no brainer. Definitely go for Gibbs instead of Kelly. Kelly is average; Gibbs can hit 89/90 imo with a season or two.

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