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What happened in La Liga?

Carl Gallagher

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The "Marca", which is one of the authoritative sports daily of Spain, has

concluded that the Spanish players flows to the Premier League this summer

and felt the big trend of La Liga ‘s changing from a buyer's to a seller's market

with emotions. And this phenomenon can be seen more thorough through a

second-rate league teams in this summer's transfer strategy. From Atletico

Madrid last season(the third) to Getafe(the tenth) almost every club has a

large transfer fee at or more than eight million for the sale, which leading

many core players flow to foreign leagues.

Why will the most La Liga club’s finance is so terrible that them have to

sell their core players to survive? Besides the influence of the economy of

Spain, i think it’s also has some connections with Real Madrid and Barcelona.

In the past years, Real Madrid and Barcelona was overwhelmingly

dominant. Over the past nine years, the Real Madrid scored three times

champion, while Barcelona won six championships, the other team can never

see the hope of breaking the "monopoly". Since Real Madrid and Barcelona

are membership clubs, which ensures that they can draw on membership fees

as operating expenses so that they have enough money to buy their favorite

players and maintain competitiveness and influence. As a result of that, the

top players also let them get more attentions. But for the others, most have

been converted to stock club.However, they did not complete a

real transformation, which means they lose the advantages of membership

and can not fully display their strengths of financing from investors and fans

as joint-stock company. Accept that,the La Liga broadcast rights allocation

is also a "wonderful work". It is not the same as the Premier League to take a

more average way (better performance club can earn more, but overall it is

rather average), but let Barcelona and Real Madrid take a large piece of cake,

while the rest clubs sharing only a small portion of the remainder, which is so

difficult for them to achieve growth in revenue. Malaga's old gold master,

precisely because of his dissatisfaction on the La Liga broadcast rights

allocation scheme, then he stopped the team's financial support angrily .

Other teams are also have difficult obtaining benefits in the main source of

income,so the finance is terrible. Which is why, in addition to Real Madrid and

Barcelona club, other La Liga clubs is always vulnerable when they contest

with them in strength and financial. If you want to get more wealth and

honor, you can rather to join the two fifth or can only to go abroad to play


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Re: What happened in La Liga?

Because top 2 teams are taking all the TV money. That's just how things are done in Spain, as opposed to England.

Also, as a country and in terms of the strength of their economy, Spain has much less money to shell around than say England or Germany.

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