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GK's should get injured and suspended

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Re: GK's should get injured and suspended

It's not realistic that they never do get injured or suspended.

Now I agree they shouldn't be sent off with red' date=' 'cause you can't select who to replace for the 2nd GK when they do, but they should at least get yellow cards.[/quote']

I believe it's becouse of the poor ME. There are many things that can be done here - select who to replace injured player, not that he magically finnish the game and then to be injured for 6 weeks!!!, pick option if someone is not performing well(for example rating <=6) to be replaced, personal instruction which to reflect the match and so on, and so on, but they prefer to change the view of the game, not the game itself!

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Re: GK's should get injured and suspended

Agree they should. Would add a extra dimension to the game having gk injuries and suspensions. Suspect the engine that generates scores is too simplistic to cope. Have saw injured goalies but 1s that weren't played in goals. Assistant manager switching injured or suspended players scenario for managers not so active

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