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Official Fantasy Serie A Thread

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Re: Official Fantasy Serie A Thread

Higgy didn't get a single goal but It didn't matter as Hamsik got 14 points.

But' date=' I also made Hamsik captain so He gives me 28 points :).

Can't wait for tomorrow when Cuadrado, Valero, and Gomez play for Fiorentina against Gomez!

He's actually got 30 points now because of the victory :P!

I'm tied with James (Caglari) with 62 points![/quote']

Nice captain choice! El Shaarawy let me down there & with Astori not playing also was abit of a bummer. That's my 11 played though so with some luck should only be 10~ behind after the Fiorentina game... hopefully.

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Re: Official Fantasy Serie A Thread

Fantasy Serie A Table after first week fixtures

Geoffrey 74 points

Wijaya 68 points

Hayden 66 points

NapoliFan 62 points

James 62 points

Dan 60 points

Gozzy 50 points

Hancock 50 points

Stuart 50 points

Vatreni 49 points

Shelbourne 49 points

Duncan 40 points

Anri 38 points

Raz 36 points

Daniel 28 points

In other news, I'm third place in Canada :)!

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Re: Official Fantasy Serie A Thread

Joint 28 in Ireland, Milan is most popular club in Ireland with 19 Managers from 60

Im On 46 points, lcajic not play this week B) Milan bound?

icardi doubtfull for next match perhaps so boriello will replace him, still happy with my team tough, maybe vicinic out im not sure yet.. perhaps one or two subs i have il swap out for weaker players and imprive my first 11 wiht a new striker perhaps.

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