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I just completed my second season with a Bradford team, and will be in division 2 after two successive titles. It's not as if theres no competition either...

Anyhow, I need to get rid of a bunch and invest in new risers. I just don't know who to get rid of.

Alexis Sanchez (92) - Only bought him because I could get him for cheap, going to sell when his TB is up unless anyone thinks other wise?

AUBAMEYANG, Pierre-Emerick (90) - Will keep.

MKHITARYAN, Henrik (90) - Will keep.

PAPADOPOULOS, Kyriakos (89) - Keep?

FLORENZI, Alessandro (87) - Keep?

BERTRAND, Ryan (87) - Keep?

FRED, Santos (86) - Keep?

JESUS, Juan (86) - Keep? Could he hit 88 next review?

MCEACHRAN, Josh (85) - Keep?

ALBERTO, Luis (85) - Keep?

SCHÄR, Fabian (85) - Keep?

RAFINHA, Alcántara (85) - Unsure/Keep?

BORJA, García (85) - Unsure

KOLASINAC, Sead (85) - Keep?

MARRONE, Luca (85) - Keep?

HORN, Timo (83) - Keep?

BRUMA, Armindo (83) - Keep?

DEMME, Diego (82) - Unsure?

KRSTICIC, Nenad (82) - Sell?

BENZIA, Yassine (82) - Keep?

GRIMALDO, Álex (82) - Keep?

Klke, Martínez (82) - Unsure

ANDRADE, Victor (80) - Unsure

GAYLE, Dwight (80) - Keep because he's playing regularly in the prem?

HOFMANN, Jonas (80) - Keep

PERICA, Stipe (78) - Keep

CHAMBERS, Calum (78) - New on the scene at Southampton, keep?

So my problem is obviously that I need to keep like 99%...

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