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SM Predict Season 9 - Week 7


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Re: SM Predict Season 9 - Week 7

Saturday 28th September

Leverkusen 2-0 Hannover

Dortmund 5-0 Freiburg

Genoa 0-2 Napoli

Almeria 0-2 Barcelona (ESB)

Zwolle 0-0 NAC

Sunday 29th September

Torino 0-1 Juventus

Buriram 2-1 Chonburi

Roma 5-0 Bologna (FGS - Alessandro Florenzi)

steauaseka 13pts

.CFC 11pts

Manikos 11pts

Istiantoroni 10pts

Noisy 9pts

Pip 9pts

Ben-SCFC 9pts

VatreniUnited 9pts

rubberfra 9pts

Gizb 9pts

Vendetta 9pts

david bax 8pts

lukelufc 8pts

Duncan 8pts

Dudu_9 8pts

Gozzy 8pts

Valentia 7pts

Raz. 7pts

sandals 6pts

timesle 4pts

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