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Fitness Levels in Gold Championships


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So, in my Gold Championship teams i always try to only play players with a fitness level of 95% or more but sometimes that can be unachievable and i have to play a 75-82 rated youth player instead.

Sometimes i see a manager field players, all with fitness levels of around 80-85% and yet they still win 3-0.

I'm curious to know as to how many of you play with lower fitness levels and how much of an impact they have on a result. How low would you go?

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Re: Fitness Levels in Gold Championships

If I can, I send out all 100% fitness players, generally I wouldn't play anyone under 90% but I have recently brought on 75% players as late substitutes on a couple of occasions (less time for them to get injured lol).

I think low fitness does have an effect on some occasions, recently I won against a 90-rated managed team with my 86-rated team in a highly competitive GC, I was about to congratulate myself on my managerial awesomeness but then I looked at the other manager's squad and 4 of them were NMF after the game, so they must have been on reasonably low fitness (and that was probably why I won, rats!)

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