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What are your thoughts on Ilombe Mboyo?


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Re: What are your thoughts on Ilombe Mboyo?

didn't know this about this player and have just gone through this thread as initially i thought it was another fact file based thread,

but gotta agree if a player with his history joined or played for my team or national team then i'd feel outraged

and frankly i'm pretty disgusted by some of the posts in this thread, things like"he's served his time" "payed his dues" "remorsful" " rehabilitation" blah blah blah

for anyone to say a time in prison is payback or the equivalent in trade to what said person has done in this case really has no real grasp on what they are talking about

now i understand some might and obviously feel differently from myself but in my opinion rapists(& pedo's) are the lowest of the low

and for a football club to allow a person of this nature to play for them really says alot about there morals,

people like this don't deserve and shouldn't have rights to anything anymore they lost that right when they commited this vile act.

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Re: What are your thoughts on Ilombe Mboyo?

Interesting discussion indeed. First of all, I do respect everybody’s opinion on this one. But let me take some things straight. Not for defending Mboyo, not at all. But I want to make sure that we are discussion about the right facts.

It is correct that Mboyo was part of a street gang. But you need to know that he was not participation in the rape as such. He ‘loaned’ his apartment on the gang where they committed the facts. Of course he is still guilty, but he did not rape the girl.

About het NT: the manager (Wilmots) let Mboyo tell to the whole group his story. After that Wilmots let the group decides what to do. The players were agree the keep Mboyo in the group. That was a groups decision and does not mean that everybody is agree with is.

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