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Still confuse~if to win matches, it is by formation or higher players rating?


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Re: Still confuse~if to win matches, it is by formation or higher players rating?

A bit of both...plus luck as well lol. Generally the higher rated team will win - a high rated managed team in a league full of lower rated unmanaged teams may lose a few games throughout the season but will win the league 90% of the time (or thereabouts).

Throw in other managed teams and that's where it gets a bit more complex - if the higher rated team beat the lower rated team every time no matter what the tactics were, this would be the worst game ever and each league would only have one managed team in it.

Here's a good example from a Gold Championship (both teams active managers and all players on 100% fitness).

Champions Cup Round 1 : Steaua Bucuresti v Barcelona

Leg 1 : Steaua (h) ave rating 86, 4-5-1D, Barcelona (a) ave rating 94, 3-5-2 (with arrows)

Leg 2 : Barcelona (h) ave rating 95, 3-2-2-2-1 (with arrows), Steaua (a) ave rating 87, 4-5-1D.

Looking at these stats and particularly over two games, you'd say Barcelona would win quite comfortably or, at the very least, "not lose". But this is what actually happened...

Leg 1 : Steaua 3 Barcelona 1

Leg 2 : Barcelona 0 Steaua 2

So was the key to this...ratings? No. Formations...is 4-5-1D the best formation ever full stop? Probably not. Arrows...are arrows just useless, would Barcelona have won if they hadn't used them? Who knows?

What I do know is that, knowing SM, the chances are the next game Steaua use that same 4-5-1D formation they'd end up losing to a team much lower rated than the Barcelona were - or maybe even lower rated than they themselves are.

So (eventually) yes ratings play a part, tactics play a part, fitness plays a part...kind of (I've easily beaten higher rated NMF teams in the past...as well as losing to lower rated NMF ones) and player positioning plays a part too - but as with real football there's always an element of chance involved and until SM themselves announce how they work that into the equasion, we may never know!!

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