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Game Worlds Needing Managers


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I have a few leagues who need some managers to play, some decent teams and some decent players still available

1st Huggy Elite League ID 14972

2nd Huggy Elite ID 14995

3rd Gordons Stars of Wars League ID 67516

92 rated players and 50 million purchase limit

4th Huggys Fantasy Football League ID 106627

Only Major rule here is 92 rating limit for purchases.

5th Ezekiel 25:17 ID 142680

Only Major Rule here is 91 rating limit for purchases

This league has 5 leagues 100 teams most of which are american both north and south continents.

6th UEFA Finalist League ID 67747

92 Rating Limit

All teams have been in a UEFA Final at least once in their existance

7th Next Gen League ID 154738

U-21 limit for buying players, dont have to sell when they reach 22

8th World Club League ID 158703

100 clubs can only buy players from country of origin, over 80 different countries

9th MLS Champions League ID 174195

Top League of 20 started as all MLS clubs with the rest top clubs, every club was given one top rated player and no buying from unmanaged clubs.

10th League of Champions ID 165482

70 clubs All at time of creation were league leaders in their leagues or have been champions in the case of top leagues.

Rating limit of 83 which will increase at the start of each season up to 90 then i will decrease it again.

11th CIS Super League

All clubs are from the old soviet states and the main rule is 91 rating limit, this is due to it being the max rating of any player in the league.

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