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Slave are dying HELP!!!

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Can someone sent them to the hostipal to see the doctor, because they are in dying condition?

I felt sorry for those half dead players. But funny thing is they can still play football and NO injury.

I wonder where are the logic and realism?

They must have super natural power i think.

Maybe next time managers have to take an IQ test before they can takeover a club.

I sent a nice polite pm to the manager and the next thing i know, that dude is already quit and someone else has took over. Good news i guess? At least no more retard manager who with gold membership managering Man Utd? Where is my cookie, i just save a club?

I hope that SM will look into this and oh same goes to the unmanaged team, the AI are not so intelligence after all.

My suggestion are:

If you choose to play unfit/tired/low fitness/low condition players, then the players are taking higher risk of getting injury, unlike the situation above which that dude plays his players for tens of matches and still looking as fine as ever.

And as for the unmanage team, the AI should know when is the right time to do team rotation or player changing. Who ever who is below 60 or 50 fitness or whatever shouldn't play at the starting XI and take some rest.

Thanks for your time for reading this.

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Re: Slave are dying HELP!!!

OTHER THREADS on this topic Meis.. B)

That team isent that bad either :eek: Honest really isient

Not so suprising that this thread is out there somewhere but where are the updates? 1 more month? 2 more months? 3 more months? I been waiting for ages and i bet you guys are feeling the same as well.

And fyi those 2 players that he buy are from Valencia and that manager purposely screw up the Valencia by selling every each players out at exactly the same price as the players value is and buy in new rubbish players and then quit. Torres is from 'invalid to manage team". So basisly the Man Utd that you seeing is not much different from day 1. And now this setup is in season 2 and half way. Want to see the screenshots of the screw up version of Valencia' date=' you will shock i promise you?

The DEV team still owe us the [b']big important[/b] changes such as:

- this one in this thread (dealing with this low fitness players and smarter AI)

- the sparkling brand new improve match engine + more time option in substitute + advance tactic where you can change formation during the match + substitute in player will get tired + red carded player in the first half will get tired


- players morale!!!!!!! (win win win for 10+ straight games but the morale is still the same "very poor" ? o.O)

- NMF and fitness/fatigue/condition (really interesting to see what will those managers going to do, hogging all those 60 or more players in the squad and not giving them a single games, nobody want to be rotten)


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Re: Slave are dying HELP!!!

so am i right in thinking that if i play a player who has a conidition of say 10%he will still play just as well, like if he was 100% condition? Bonus :D

lol no seriously that is stupid, its shows more skill anyway if you can keep a squad that is producing results but are playing players who are fit at the same time, aspecially if you have a small squad.

like i have a tiny squad but a youth squad, so im playing my youth in the cup with say 2 senior players, but then im resting them for the league game because i thought that the conditions effect how they play, obviously not.

i dont like it when a team who plays players who are NMF and wins ;s

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Re: Slave are dying HELP!!!

I know what you mean m8 i have seen many managers just keep playing there low fitness players and not getting any problemns with those players. These are the things that i think should happen when a player play who has a low fitneess level. (below 50) -

* They are far more likly to pick up a long term, or short term injury and when an injury does happen it will take longer to heel.

* The player should play poorly and have a low rating which means that the team plays bad which is what would happen if you played a NMF player.

* The players morale should go down because if you think about it a player who is NMF wouldn't be very happy if his manager kept on playing him.

Each of these would get worse as the players condition drops. That is my view on the subject what do u guys thinbk about my suggestions.

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