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Ec - 5910


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Re: Ec - 5910


Michael Keane - Port Vale

( sorry to Leicester and Fulham. Fulham why would you want a 82 rated player in div 1? :rolleyes: )

Adnan Januzaj and Nick Powell - Swindon

( They will both join up with Dom at Swindon in the next week )

Players still available for you guys in smaller teams...

Will Keane, Larnell Cole, Saidy Janko and Guillermo Varela.

The following players who are on loan to foreign team can be re-called and loaned out...

Marnick Vermijl, Davide Petrucci and Ángelo Henriquez.

Available for transfer for cv...

Correia Bebe

All players that could help the small teams down div 3 - 4 - 5.

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Re: Ec - 5910

69 messages? Must have some accepted bids then :P

At least with the way external bids are done, with the values being from the original club, you can work out exactly what bids come to.

With that in mind I should certainly have MKHITARYAN, both my players are worth more and I gave more cash.

Callejon comes in uncontested after some quick thinking between me and Boro,

I should also have KRAMER, gave a lot more than the other two so he should be mine.

RABIOT will also be mine. gave double his CV so happy with this one.

BRESSAN looks to be on his way also, by about 100k :P

Toljan, Thauvin and Hegarty all come in unchallenged :)

But in the same way I believe I have missed out on Fekir, Diego Lopez and Bartra.

Forest and Brighton really really wanted Meyer I see :eek:

I still have 6 bids not yet accepted, so once these are decided I will delve back into the mix :D

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Re: Ec - 5910

Looks like hell broke lose in the transfer market...

Just had a quick peak, and some smaller teams managed to pull some very good deals.

Anyways, United in my eyes are about to sign...RONALDO and THIAGO! Also Balzaretti as cover for Evra.

Could have also signed Diego Costa and Junior Neymar if I'd not pulled out of the deals! Gutted!

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Re: Ec - 5910

Had some more bids accepted. I may have been very lucky and got Cuenca by 1k. But will have to see :P

Ocampos looks tight, my bid was in the region of 5 million. Between me and Hull I think.

I think I have just snuck Casemiro by about 100k with my late bid aswell :P

I have smashed the rival bid for Mandzukic, so I think that I should have him too :)

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Re: Ec - 5910


-Saints reveal 4 new signings-

And so, the new transfer season is underway, and alot of teams have already received their respective new players. Other teams, like us here at Southampton are still waiting for our players to arrive. So while we're just sitting here and waiting I thought I'd give writing a transfer report a go! Enjoy.


-Roman Weidenfeller-

Southampton have made an offer to Dortmund for Roman WEIDENFELLER of 777,000 plus Artur BORUC and Kelvin DAVIS .
The offer for Roman WEIDENFELLER of Dortmund from Southampton has been accepted. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours.

A goalkeeper that I've been highly impressed by in the past few years. And a GK that I personally rate very high. I traded Boruc and Davis away for him, wich imo is a freakin bargain even at 33 years of age!

I plan on seeing Weidenfeller as my starting GK for atleast a few more years in this setup ... so I'm looking forward to him dominating!


-Giuseppe Rossi-

Southampton have made an offer to ACF Fiorentina for Giuseppe ROSSI of 7,000,000 plus Jay RODRIGUEZ and Jason PUNCHEON .
The offer for Giuseppe ROSSI of ACF Fiorentina from Southampton has been accepted along with other club offers. ACF Fiorentina will now decide which offer to proceed with. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours.

Seeing as Aston Villa bid only Benteke for Rossi, and my bid was in the region of 20 million as the Viola chairman heavily overrated Puncheon for some odd reason

:P That said, I'm very pleased with this as I was looking to add a favourite striker of mine, that is italian to pair up with italian Saints player Osvaldo! He's had a terrific start to the season and I reckon he'll have a great season as a first choice striker here!


-Paul Pogba-

Southampton have made an offer to Juventus for Paul POGBA of 3,000,000 plus Morgan SCHNEIDERLIN and Jos HOOIVELD .
The offer for Paul POGBA of Juventus from Southampton has been accepted. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours.

While it stung a bit to lose Schneiderlin I'm oh so very pleased to have won Paul Pogba who is imo one of the most interesting and talented midfielders in the entire world!

I was quite surprised to find that I had absolutely no competition for the lad and got him for CV! So take that everyone! Ya'll missed out on Pogba! :D Will be a vital part of this Southampton team for years to come!


-Saphir Taïder-

Southampton have made an offer to Internazionale to swap Steven DAVIS for Saphir TAÏDER .
The offer for Saphir TAÏDER of Internazionale from Southampton has been accepted. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours.

My last first wave signing is the highly interesting Algerian midfield virtuoso, Saphir Taïder!

Taïder was the first player I even thought about signing when I started to plan this Southampton in my head prior to the transfermarket opening, and he was also the first player that I bought!

Again, I had no competition for this bugger, and I got him for an extreme bargain imo! He's one for the future but will still feature heavily with Wanyama and Pogba this season (and the following ofcourse!)

All in all, I'm extremely pleased with all my signings thus far as I got every first teamer I placed a bid on and the only guy I lost out on was Adrien Rabiot!

That's survivavle tho as I got both Pogba and Taïder on the cheap!

Looking forward to continuing building this team puzzle now in the 2nd wave of transfers!


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Re: Ec - 5910

A bit of hit & miss it would seem but from what I can tell at a quick look Bournemouth have secured a few of my first choice youngsters I could afford.

Sergi Roberto coming from Barcelona

Diego Contento coming from Bayern Munich (I think)

Thomas Munier coming from Brugge

Eric Dier coming from Sporting Lisbon

Lorenzo Crisetig coming from Inter

A few sub type playings coming in also it would seem.

Sondre Rossbach coming from Odd Grenland

Riechedly Bazoer coming from Ajax

Selim Kayeci coming from AS Saint-Etienne

Kevin Akpoguma coming from Hoffenheim

On top of that some random 70 rated youngsters to fill the squad a bit, will try and keep my main squad as small as possible to not cripple myself with wages and a small stadium.

Will leave the others just because maybe the winning teams overbid there budget and it gets cancelled, can live in hope ;)

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Re: Ec - 5910

I should probably apologise to the Stoke manager' date=' he has been called all sorts in my mind since the transfers opened up :P

Waking up this morning and seeing that I'll probably lose most of my targets makes me want to cancel and try with others but that will be a mess because if I win someone it will cause my own player values to lower and then my new bids might get rejected as not being high enough.

Oh the joys! B)[/quote']

Haha everyone I go in for, BOURNEMOUTH have also bidded!

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Re: Ec - 5910

Haha everyone I go in for' date=' BOURNEMOUTH have also bidded![/quote']

I've got 11 first team players, 6 subs and the rest are youth 10kers to fill up my squad but yeah it seems we have bid on quite a few. You should definitely pull out though ;)

My bids are all part exchange so just having to wait and see really, think I have a few and will then move onto next targets :)

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Re: Ec - 5910

Stoke City FC Transfer News

Players definitely coming in:

Adam Szalai 88

Memphis Depay 85

Vasilis Torosidis 89

Ivan Perisic 88

Umut Bulut 88

Sulley Muntari 88

Sebastien Rode 88

Clement Grenier 89

Quite pleased with that so far, contested bids in for Diego Costa, Mkhtaryan, Shaqiri, A.Halilovic, Sergi Samper and Morata.

Also some top youth talent arriving:

Vejebah Sakor 75

Marko Dabro 75

Alessandro Capello 75

Joao Nunes 75

Kingsley Coman 77

Anthony Martial 78

More to follow soon :D Also if anyone is interested in loaning MEMPHIS DEPAY (85) and my chairman allows it then he is available for loan to div 2,3,4,5.

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