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My academy in custom setup(uk3)

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My 1st time in custom setup with only welsh/minor scottish teams/irish teams to choose from i picked Hamilton Academicals.This is my transfers(team so far)

CB - MACHUCA, Alexis Hamilton Academicals 17yrs 70

AM - KROOS, Toni Hamilton Academicals 17yrs 73

DM - SISSOKO, Moussa Hamilton Academicals 18yrs 75

F - RABIOLA, Tiago Hamilton Academicals 18yrs 74

RB/LB - SCHORCH, Christopher Hamilton Academicals 18yrs 73

F/AM - GIOVANI, dos Santos Hamilton Academicals 18yrs 82

F/W - AYEW, Andre Hamilton Academicals 17yrs 74

RB - GOKHAN , Gonul Hamilton Academicals 22yrs 71

SERCAN , Yildirim Hamilton Academicals 17yrs 71

F - HUDOROVIC, Sandi Hamilton Academicals 18yrs 72

D/M - ERAMO, Mirko Hamilton Academicals 18yrs 73

RM/CM - ANITA, Vurnon Hamilton Academicals 18yrs 76

CM - CELSINHO, Luis Hamilton Academicals 19yrs 77

CM/RM - DE JONG, Siem Hamilton Academicals 18yrs 76

W/F - ARNAUD, Loris Hamilton Academicals 20yrs 76

F - MCHEDLIDZE, Levan Hamilton Academicals 17yrs 76

RB - VACHA, Lukás Hamilton Academicals 18yrs 70

CF - N'GOG, David Hamilton Academicals 18yrs 73

G - HART, Joe Hamilton Academicals 20yrs 78

F - JOVETIC, Stevan Hamilton Academicals 17yrs 83

G - FIRAT, Sadrettin Kocaoglu Hamilton Academicals 19yrs 70

BOJAN , Krkic Pérez Hamilton Academicals 17yrs 80

D - MIKKELSEN, Tobias Pilegaard Hamilton Academicals 21yrs 77

LB - INSUA, Emiliano Hamilton Academicals 18yrs 76

CM - JOHNSON, Michael Hamilton Academicals 19yrs 85

F - CHOUPO MOTING, Eric Hamilton Academicals 18yrs 74

My nxt signing will be Sakho 17yrs 77 - Paris SG.Has captained paris sg, youngest player to do so.

This could also be a player rating topic so feel free look at these players for that reason aswell.

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Re: My academy in custom setup(uk3)

Welcome to the Forum mate.I too have a club in uk3.East Stirlingshire.I have also signed a lot of players,mainly rated in the high 60's.I have to keep a close eye on the payroll because I have a ground capacity of 1880!A few have had rating increases to over 70 though.Anyway,you've come to the right place.A lot of helpfull and experienced managers here.Enjoy!:)

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Re: My academy in custom setup(uk3)

Setups gettin very competitive.I jus realised queens pk in my league have hampden park as there stadium which i'm slightly jealous of as i'm in debt lol.Also i loaned a few players out to sides with average rating of 65 and due to this bangor (average rating of 77) lost and obviously he didn't like this and at this current time a friend of his is buying a bangor player 63 rating for 3m, which i hope is rejected lol.Anyways thers plenty teams left so test ur football knowledge here cos u actually need it in this setup.

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Re: My academy in custom setup(uk3)

Jus advertising for the setup as there are still a couple unmanaged sides and jus last week i seen a guy was playing a unmanaged side and must used a 2nd account and took control of that team jus to disfigure it and make an easy win for himself. This i found pathetic as he would likely won the game anyways without cheating. The thing is with this setup the rating increases/decreases make a huge impact.My friend bought Traore(77) but he had a positional change so wasnt starting him.Now Traore this week though went up in rating to 83! and is now the best player in his team lol.If u feel u got an eye for talent then have a look @the setup and maybe join up.

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Re: My academy in custom setup(uk3)

Season 2, turn 2. I'm now in the 1st Division of the setup after coming 3rd in the 2nd division. I was shocked with the amount of cash all clubs received for 1) the league position they finished 2) cash injection. For my team Hamilton i received £11m cash injection and jus over £6m for finishing 3rd. Also not for all clubs but now you can buy players of alot higher rating, ie Cwmbran signed maldini. I still decided to build my team up and after rises this is my current squad :)

G| HART, Joe 20/78/1.3M

G| FIRAT, Sadrettin Kocaoglu 19/70/10k

LB/CB| SAKHO, Mamadou 17/77/1.1M

LB| INSUA, Emiliano 18/76/770K

LB| KOIKILI , Lertxundi 27/76/612K

RB/LB| LELL, Christian 23/87/5.6M

RB/CB| ALTHEER, Jeffrey 20/77/1M

RB| VACHA, Lukás 18/76/831K

CB/DM| JOHNSEN, Ronny 38/84/235K

CB| DAVID LOMBAN, Rodriguez 20/71/22K

D| BOATENG, Jerome 19/86/5.6M

D/M| ERAMO, Mirko 18/73/209K

RM| MIKKELSEN, Tobias Pilegaard 21/80/2.1M

CM| JOHNSON, Michael 19/85/4.9M

CM/RM| DE JONG, Siem 18/83/3.8M

CM| CELSINHO, Luis 19/77/980K

CM| ANGEL MONTORO, Sanchez 19/75/563K

AM/CM| ANDERSON, Luis 19/86/5.6M

AM| KROOS, Toni 17/78/1.5M

W/F| SESTÁK, Stanislav 25/87/5.3M

F| JOVETIC, Stevan 18/85/5M

F/AM| GIOVANI, dos Santos 18/82/3.2M

F| BOJAN , Krkic Pérez 17/80/2.3M

F| RABIOLA, Tiago 18/74/370K

F| BALOTELLI, Mario Barwuah 17/72/96K

out on loan

RB/LB| SCHORCH, Christopher 18/73/209K

RB| GOKHAN , Gonul 22/71/21K

CB| MACHUCA, Alexis 17/70/10K

DM/CM| ANITA, Vurnon 18/76/831K

DM| SISSOKO, Moussa 18/75/578K

W/F| ARNAUD, Loris 20/76/787K

F| CHOUPO MOTING, Eric 18/77/1.1M

F| MCHEDLIDZE, Levan 17/76/853K

F/W| AYEW, Andre 18/74/370K

F| HUDOROVIC, Sandi 18/72/93K

F| SERCAN , Yildirim 17/71/24K

CF| LEJEUNE, Kevin 22/78/1.3M

CF| DONALDSON, Clayton 23/72/81K

CF| N'GOG, David 18/73/209K

As you can see i have improved my team but tried keep my squad young (exception of ronny old johnsen aka experience. It's still a good setup but can be annoying when some people takeover a unmanaged team prior to playing them just so they guarantee themselves a win. Fortunately it's a minority. I'd like see a couple good players come into this setup and show their knowledge.I like to build my teams up and watch them rise if your someone similar i think ur enjoy this setup as there are no Barcelonas or Milans and you have to think more of your wage bill as stadiums are small so revenue weekly is low.

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Re: My academy/team in custom setup(uk3 Simon Cooper)

Season 3/ Turn 1.

Unfortunately i came runners up last season to Cwmbran.They bought experience and my young progressin team had a slow start but after the player rating changes through out the season my team caught up and only in the last game of the season Cwmbran managed pull off the home win against me to take the title.

The Squad

G|HART, Joe 20/86/5.4m

RB|OPARE, Daniel 17/75/593K

RB/LB|ZAMBROTTA, Gianluca 31/94/6.6M

CB|MILITO, Gabriel 27/93/8.5M

CB|DAVID LOMBAN, Rodriguez 20/75/547K

CB|MACHUCA, Alexis Maximiliano 17/70/10K

D|BOATENG, Jerome 19/86/5.6M

D|TORRES, Miguel 22/89/7.2M

RM/W|WRIGHT-PHILLIPS, Shaun 26/90/7.0M

DM|SISSOKO, Moussa 18/82/3.2M

CM/RM|DE JONG, Siem 19/83/3.7M

AM/CM|DECO, Anderson 30/94/7.2M

AM/CM|ANDERSON, Luis 19/89/7.8M

AM|KROOS, Toni 18/78/1.4M

W/F|AYEW, Andre 18/78/1.4M

W/AM|NANI, Luís 21/89/7.4M

F|ADAMS, Sadick 18/74/370K

F|BALOTELLI, Mario 17/80/2.3M

F|SERCAN , Yildirim 17/76/853K

F|BOJAN , Krkic Pérez 17/87/6.6M

F|ALEXANDRE PATO, Rodrigues 18/87/6.4M

New signings

2 players will be signed prior the season start being fernando torres and david james.Giving way for these will be giovani dos santos(86),jovetic(87),altheer(77),tremoulinas(78)

Also these will leave firat(70),rabiola(74),hudorovic(72) and Schorch(73).

The setup is a public custom setup u may need contact the setup owner Simon Cooper which is good as i like see teams managed longer than 1 turn! ;).

Teams available:

Division 1

Ayr United Balance 19.3m

There star players - costinha (88), cafu (88) , valbuena (86) o'hara (83) , Manucho (82)

Porthmadog Balance 22.3m

There star players - Mariano (85) , Tomic (83) , Georgiou (82) , Vaughan (82) , Bete (80)

The New Saints Balance 21.3m

There star players - Cruz (92) , Sibierski (87) , Denilson (87) , Walcott (87) , Adu (83).

My best pick of unmanaged teams in Division 2 is:

Raith Rovers Balance 29.0m

There star players - Fazio (86) , Gunter (84) , Jose Crespo (85) , Buonanotte (83) , Malonga (83).

My best pick of unmanaged teams in Division 3 is:

Montrose 13.6m

There star players - Simunek (85) , Siston (83) , Kennedy (83) , Van der wiel (83) , Kalouda (82).

Any questions feel free to ask :).

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