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Forumer's Top Team Connect

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Re: Forumer's Top Team Connect Yeah i'll get involved! Either my Sheff Wed team or Spurs team from 2011.

Re: Forumer's Top Team Connect More the merrier guys. Up to 29 now. If I've missed you off the list on the first post, apologies. Give me a slap and let me know

Re: Forumer's Top Team Connect I'm interested and i'll apply.

Guest drseanfitz

Re: Forumer's Top Team Connect

Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo' date=' ref!!!:mad:

He disallowed a goal, that would win the match for me.

You thief!

Just kidding... :D

Despite my club's bad start, I've introduced a tactical improvement, which should make my team win regularly, in the near future.;)

a new manager


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Re: Forumer's Top Team Connect

Forumer Connect Div 2

Great start for Little old Darlington with a 2-0 away victory at an absolutely brilliant Bilbao side who I think are the best team in the league probably.

Danc's Bolton up next.

Think a good idea might be to have a Connect world of Gold Championship "small club success stories" think that would make for an interesting concept.

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Re: Forumer's Top Team Connect


SAVED - HART dives majestically to keep it out.

VAN PERSIE takes a short run up and tries to send the keeper the wrong way.

Yellow Card Yellow Card - The referee has no choice but to caution the player.

The referee awards the penalty to AS Roma.

The ball catches Sergio RAMOS on the hand inside the penalty area.


Goal GOAL!! - The ball flies in.

HART makes a despairing dive.

IBRAHIMOVIC tries to lift it over the wall.

Free kick to AS Roma to the left of the box.

ROBBEN is fouled by LAHM


Goal GOAL!! - It's well placed and beats the keeper.

IBRAHIMOVIC strikes the free kick low and hard.

Free kick to AS Roma.

Gerard PIQUÉ tries to tackle ROBBEN but gets the man instead of the ball.

that. 2-0 up at 86 mins. 2 direct FKS and a pen in the last 3 minutes *** is that????? thank the lord Hart saved the pen... but seriously???

also noticed the commentary and match report are out, as it says RVP scored both goals in match report???

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Re: Forumer's Top Team Connect

Connect II

Stoke City 1 - 0 Dagenham

Kicked off the season with a very tight affair against D&R

There are clearly no easy games at this level but you kinda' know you're in for a bit of 'fun' when your next opponent has Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta, Ibra & Ribery and a 1st XI average of 96

No place for feint hearts tonight, boys...

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Re: Forumer's Top Team Connect

22 minutes in im 2-0 down to a barcelona side that literally is CR7 away from the strongest 11 in the game with messi/ini/xav/roon/ribery/fab/vidic/pique/buffon/alves/ozil. My team is strong but that is ridiculous. is anyone else in that GW?

the bench has falcao, cavani, bale and co!!!!!!!!!!

anyway, blasted home 6 of the best to humiliate the leagues best rated side and go top. :D

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Re: Forumer's Top Team Connect

It's really starting to grind my gears!:mad:

It was the 2nd match in a row, that my tactics were all mixed up, due to a bug.

If this goes on, I'll simply stop caring about this Connect GW.

Another match against a fairly weaker team than mine and it ended 1-1.

Falcao did the playmaker role, instead of Fabregas.

Neymar took the free kicks, instead of Ronaldo, Piqué was the captain, instead of Schweinsteiger.

In the previous match, it was even worse: Chiellini and RVP appeared at CM!

What the hell is going on?

I could be at the top of the league, right now.:mad:

Can someone tell me what's going on, please?

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