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Ec 30,000!

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Re: Ec 30,000!

I know' date=' but atleast to make some aware.

If it happens the lower division clubs cant progress, which in the other setups I was in resulted in managers leaving, and then its low a snowball where people follow.

Keeping the lower divisions full is the key for these setups to survive and be competitive for years.[/quote']

Agree,we can just ask hope that they dont go for lower rated ones.

Pretty sure it would have more then 90% managers so surely you're in ;)

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Re: Ec 30,000! I'd be interested but only if it's a 5 Div standard EC

Re: Ec 30,000!

Re: Ec 30,000! I'll dust off one of my old secondary accounts and jump in. (Saving the 3rd slot on my main account for 30k).

Re: Ec 30,000!

A fair idea would also be to encourage everyone to join primarily the first 2-3 divisions...

It's possible to ask firmly but hard to enforce a hands-off risers rule in the long run.

There are always gonna be people who'll buy lower rated players,we cant really stop that.Being said that,I'll go for a Div 5 challenge myself :P.

Your name on the list then Safir?

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Re: Ec 30,000!

I'd be interested but only if it's a 5 Div standard EC

If you get over 90% full then ill join.

The last 3 EC forum setups ive been in have failed (Might actually be 4' date=' none have succeeded since 7777).

Nothing more annoying than working really hard with a div 4 team in three setups for everyone to leave before season 2, so I am very wary on joining another.

You also need people in the top divisions to agree not to be buying the 75 rated risers (Unless an exceptional talent) as that will ruin this setup aswell.[/quote']

28697 has succeeded, season 1 is over and it's still full and got quality managers in it.

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