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Fluffy's Asylum

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WELCOME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! ... To one of the darkest corners of the entire forum ... to a deranged and disturbing place ...


The design is flawless and the gameworld itself is ruled by a bearded wizard with an iron fist (not telling you where that fist is ...)

What you need to know first and foremost is that this is a setup for which, using facebook is an absolute MUST! Without facebook, you will not be allowed to participate!

Also, as the founder and ruler of this Asylum, it falls to me to accept or REJECT applicants ... If I don't like you, or if I've heard bad things about you or if I simply think you will not fit in, you're not gonna get in so if I say no, It'll be a definite no and there's no need to come back and spam me in the hopes of getting in.


3 divisions of 8

Empty squads

50 million in the bank

2 teams directly promoted with 1 being run through a playoff

3 teams relegated

SMFA monitoring off

No buying from unmanaged

Concerns: ON

These rules have been decided upon by the members of FA and is therefore final and will not be changed, unless, voted upon by the FA community.

Feel free to state your interest, if I'm interested in taking you on and allowing you into my setup, I will contact you via PM ... if you're not contacted, better luck next time.

Teams Taken Thus Far

Celtic - garryC300

Rangers - noisy

Chelmsford - Nick Justice

Longford - CiaranMC

Swindon - DomLatouche

Charlton - Mick Manning

West Ham - RieceM96

Leeds - KirkyyLUFC

Mohun Bagan - Iain Watson

Coventry - SkyBlueLee

Norwich - Elohim

Real Oviedo - ashtini

Reading - sonofpluto

Crystal Palace - shareflair

Feyenoord - drseanfitz

Everton - dirtysmurf

Western Sydney Wanderers - SirMarkHughes

Aston Villa - ruggermad


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Re: Fluffy's Asylum Thats even better , At least you will have a relegation on your CV before spending the eternity in Div 3

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