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Rooney or Aguero?

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Re: Rooney or Aguero?

lol aguero will not rise. he is very safe on 94 btw . i prefer rooney its more complete player and i see a big transfer for him in 1-2 years.

A big transfer for Rooney in 1 / 2 years?

Yeah mate, for Toronto FC!:D

Just kidding.

But it will be tough, for him, to have a big transfer in 1 / 2 years imo.:)

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Re: Rooney or Aguero?

Rooney in quality form at this minute but is know to have a terrible season the one after a quality one.he is the main focal point of united this season in a poor team with current contract talks on hold he may move but will his consistent result in a drop after a rise i think so

Aguero is in quite a lot of form and is fairly consistent season after season and at this time playing for the better club.Rumours of a move to madrid but what people fail to mention is his contract is about to be extended and he stuck 2 fingers up at real madrid to join city I.E he turned them down swell as the guy saying he doesn't want to move he's happy(ill admit we hear that a lot in football)

Take Aguero

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