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Many people have tried this Reggio and its never worked..WC2 will always be the best setup on SM and many forumers are still in it and have good teams why don't you just ask some people to try their best to join WC2' date='I won't be able to grab anyone anyway but I still don't think it will work :rolleyes:[/quote']

How could it not work Danny mate? All you have to do is be in at 5 and to get a team. Other people have said " Oh why don't we join umm let's see WC 123,it's got 45 teams left!! :eek: ". WC2 has lost it's touch, and so has it's thread, you don't see as many posts on it as ya used to. :rolleyes:

Oh and by the way, on your later post, STOP ADVERTISING WC2 LOL:D

EDIT:Suazo's a 91 btw ;)

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Thanks very much for the invite, a good idea. Unfortunately I wont be taking part as:

A) My account is full

B) cant be bothered making another

C) I'm going out and getting absoloutely tonked from 3 o'clock till bout the same time tomorrow morning :eek:

Might come back onto thread at 3 in the morning and try to type something for the amusement of you's lot (or maybe not!) :rolleyes:

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w2 rubbish though

all the top team have robbed every good players then they just loan them out WHATS THE POINT

with thise new world setup its gives everyone a chance and the more people that the more fun tit will be

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