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Official World Cup 2014 Thread


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Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread

yet Raz still insist he is world class

He is the greatest player ever :P

Even when anybody who has watched him play knows he has been nothing but a Dissapointment, got chastised for daring to say I don't think he is World Class when Arsenal signed him and nothing changes my opinion, constantly goes missing in games all to often.

Dont care if he inevitably scores the winner now still so poor, that could apply to quite a few tonight to be fair though amongst his teammates.

Been a fun game to watch, gotta credit Algeria but Germany surprisingly look very shaky, defending is bang average makes me cringe every time you have to watch Mertersacker turn, poor bloke looks like he is walking through quicksand,

EDIT: I will admit it I didn't see that free kick routine coming, Hillarious from The Germans :P

How the Germans ain't scored this half I don't know!!

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Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread

He'll do anything to entertain us that Muller :P

P.S. Neuer is a pain in the arse with his rush outs' date=' although it works so fair play to him.[/quote']

Re Neuer: He has to, playing for a Guardiola team and all.


Off topic, but: My nerves are completely wrecked after just coming 2nd in a poker tournament. $160 isn't bad but 1st would've paid $230. 127 entrants...

The ups and downs of bigger tournaments are an emotional roller-coaster

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