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i think i need help


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i dont like to do this i like things are going on my way but i lost control on my team.

last season i decied i want to build a strong stable side

i wanted my team to have posession and creating chances i have good defence so i didnt scared about my defence i finish 3rd 5 points from the top team

my team was


pizczseck silva ferdinand alba

toure vidal

navas suarez nani


i played attacking mentality


mixed passing

mixed attacking\both flanks

all over


playmaker-vidal target men-cavani and tight marking

and for short period men behind ball

and basically i felt i had a strong team and 3rd suits them

this season i decided i want to go for the title i exchanged toure and alba for fabregas in order to play him in toure's role, i tried to do more strengthes but i couldnt. beside that, i changed the tempo to normal and the passing to short becouse i wanted to hold the ball more.

it began well and i had almost 70 % position in my first friendly match

but even at the friednly matches i felt like something is not alright with my team and i lost

to a 78 average side of managed 4231 yeovil town 1-3 but i thought it can happened so i didnt freaked out and it happened to me again agaisnt unmanaged swansea.

my first fixture was against a strong side away match i had 9 loses the season before so i played 451 defensive counter attack in mention of avoiding losing- i won 1-5.

but then in my second game when i played my normal tactic i lost 1-4 at home being controlled by the opposition and its kept going and

now i am after 7 games 12 points away from the top

i won 2 games both away with 451 defensive-against the champions of last season and against the 2nd from last season, lost 4 and drawn 1

i consider 4231 as the most stable formation

but i think something changed with the match engine and i am not fit to it

i dont consider the 451 def as a strong stable formation and i think my team should play more like a top team and not play regulary with defensive tactic

how do you think should i play my team? i turned to be under pressure of the opposition almost all the game

my squad is

gk:neuer 94 sirigu 91

def:PISZCZEK 92 luiz 92 pepe 92 ferdinand 93 silva 95 alaba 92 zabaleta 91

mid:fabregas 95 vidal 93 marchiso 92 khedira 92 oscar 91 isco 91 lamela 91 matuidi 91 lars bender 91 ramires 91

fwd: cavani 94 falcao 94 di natale 92 diego costa 91

cam\fwd:suarez 93

def\mid:adriano 91

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Re: i think i need help

1. In terms of a formation, basically any formation that places 3 or 4 players at the back can be applied to an attacking style.

One should not use a formation that places 5 players at the back in an attacking posture, except in one instance. That is, when you are prepared to use offensive players in the 2 widest positions along the back line. In this case, and in this case only, you will be providing width in your attack, stretching your opponent’s defense to account for the additional firepower in your side.

2. When choosing a tackling style, it is always best to opt for HARD tackling in the attacking style. This is to provide for all of your players aiming to win the ball from your opponent. Just as a great offense will beat a good defense, it can also be argued with merit that a quality defense is the best offense because you are effectively limiting the creative instincts of the opposition side.

3. Obviously, when choosing your side’s mentality, you should use the ATTACKING mentality.

4. In selecting a passing style, it is best to choose either DIRECT or SHORT passing.

If your side has excellent strikers who finish well (rated 89 or above), then DIRECT passing is the best option. This will ensure that your striker or strikers receive the ball as quickly as possible from either the midfield or defensive players once it has been taken from the opposition.

On the other hand, if you have a strong midfield and defense, SHORT passing is more suitable. This ensures that the players who are supporting the attack will make crisp, accurate passes to one another over short distances as they seek to get the ball to the striker(s) in the opposition’s half.

5. When selecting the attacking style, it is best to tailor your attack to the strength of your squad and/or to the weakness of your opponent. If your squad is stronger than your opponent in the midfield (particularly your DM, CM, or AM) then THROUGH THE MIDDLE will provide the most favorable results.

On the other hand, if your outside players (Wing, RM, LM, RB, LB) are your strongest suit when compared to the opposition, then choosing DOWN BOTH FLANKS is extremely viable.

Finally, if your squad and your opponent’s squad are roughly equal on the flanks and in the midfield, then by all means select a MIXED attacking style. This will provide for an attack that is generated according to the situation that arises in the match engine.

6. In terms of tempo or pace, when using the attacking style you can choose either a SLOW or FAST tempo with slightly different results.

If you are interested in achieving the lion’s share of scoring chances as compared to your opponent, then without question a FAST tempo is best in the attacking style. However, this will result in a greater number (quantity) of shots "that go begging" for your squad, and not nearly as many shots on target – and there is a difference.

On the other hand, choosing a SLOW tempo will not generate as many shots as your opponent, but your number of shots on target will be significantly higher. Choosing a slow tempo will still enable your squad to attack at every opportunity, but it will generate a higher number of quality scoring chances that allow your striker(s) to really test the opposition’s keeper because of the patient build up.

7. In choosing where to pressure your opponent, always select ALL OVER when using the attacking style. This is an aggressive, force-the-error approach. In choosing to pressure your opponent on every area of the pitch, your squad will constantly be seeking to generate offense from their defense. This also does not allow the opposition to control the ball for any great length of time and greatly diminishes the number of sustained build ups they can muster.

8. In selecting your team style, in the attacking posture you should always choose to COUNTER ATTACK, utilize TIGHT MARKING and PLAY MAKER at a minimum.

COUNTER ATTACK ensures that your team will always be attack-minded, even when they are on the defensive. The moment that your squad regains possession of the ball, it is seen as a golden opportunity to go on the attack. Your opponent’s defenders may be too disorganized to stop a quick strike by your offense as the back line may be spread out after supporting what they thought would be a scoring opportunity.

TIGHT MARKING goes hand-in-hand with pressing all over the pitch, as well as hard tackling. You cannot have the other two without this one. With tight marking, your players will immediately attempt to tackle the ball away from the opponents. It also ensures that your players attempt to get to the ball before the opposing attackers, essentially turning the tables and switching roles with them.

All teams that choose to play the attacking style as described here must designate a PLAYMAKER. However, the good manager has to be sure that his/her attacking style corresponds with who you designate as your playmaker on the pitch. For example, if you choose to play this style and select DOWN LEFT FLANK for your attacking style, either your left back, left midfielder, or left winger must be your designated playmaker so that they can be relied upon to get a good cross into your striker(s) from the left flank. Similarly, if you would like to designate a CM or AM to be your playmaker, then you should have selected THROUGH THE MIDDLE as your attacking style.

Making use of a TARGET MAN is optional in the attacking style. If you are playing a formation that has 2 or more forwards (F or CF) then do not designate one of them to be your target man. However, if you are playing with 2 or more forwards and one is rated significantly higher than the others (by 2 points or more), then by all means you should be designating the strongest forward as your target man.

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Re: i think i need help


thanks for the help

honnestly i know most of that

i play hard tight marking all over but i'm on pressure all the time

feeling that my team cannot get the ball and create opportunities even tought i never have less than 46-47 position

basically i do not like to use slow pace counter attacks and direct passes

i like to let my players play simply and trust their qualities

i wonder.. the information you telling me is based on the recent time? or over the years?

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Re: i think i need help

i played today with pretty much the instructions you offered me


finished 1-1

it was equal most of the time with periods of pressure mostly from the other side

my playmaker-fabregas target man-cavani

cech saved them a lot and was selected as the mom

in compare to my last game


it was much better but i played today against a weaker side and less harder tactic to beat

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