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GC 390: From Scratch (Turnu Severin)

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Re: GC 390: From Scratch (Turnu Severin)

I have taken over at the 2nd lowest value club in Romania after yours[ FC Botoşani]' date=' not a blank squad as we have 23 Romanians rated 74-80, our club value is £22.2 million and we are here to watch your feat and/or impede your progress.


dan malone takes control of FC Botoşani.

This season your Chairman expects you to avoid finishing bottom of the league.

FC Botoşani were founded in 2001 and play their home games at Municipal Botoşani in Botoşani. [/i]

Further developments at Botosani :

In comes Luis Anderson, Steven Naismith, Konstantin Zyranov & young Brazilian pup Mosquito.

We have come a long way in a short time, we were valued at £22.2 milliobn and now our squad is valued at £76.9 million (not including loaned in players), it has been a great building job and although we do not have much depth now we can boast a starting XI with an average rating of 87 (Including loan star Belfodil), this is a great achievement in a short time.


Cabalerro [89]




We are still working on bringing in one or two more but they will be low rated players probably to join out youth team.

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