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West Ham United - Rise To The Top (GC391)

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Well took over the hammers, hopping for a top ten finish in the first season, aiming to sign at least one 90+ by mid season so keep tabs on how I do.

New signings -

Mohamed Sissoko 87 - Signed the ex Liverpool DM for 3m a real good deal for my club so happy days he will be a key back up player.

Simon Pepe 89 - Signed the Juventus AM for 9m a much needed player who will take up the role at RM this season should be a key player who will try keep Joe Cole out of the squad.

Marco Borriello 89 - The Roma ST joined for 10m was a much needed player due to having just one good striker so will pair up with Andy Carroll for season one should be a key strike force.

Robbie Keane 87 - Well he's back under going his medical and sub keeper Adrian went the over way happy to have him big fan and will be a key sub this season.

Open the season against Cardiff hopping for all three points.

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Re: West Ham United - Rise To The Top (GC391)

Scott Parker Return To Hammers!

Well the deal has been done England CM Scott Parker has returned to West Ham United on a three year deal, in a switch that has seen Mohamed Diame join Fulham on a three year deal the switch also sore West Ham United get three million in costs, boss Beckett has said he is very happy to see Scott back with the Hammers and he will take up a key role in this seasons squad.

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