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Is there any young CF's out there?!

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Hi there guys.

I've been searching back through the forums for ages now and haven't found what I was looking for!

I've spent most of my budget for my teams already, but I've been looking for a decent CF prospect and haven't come across any that haven't been bought or risen out of my budget already!

If anyone knows of a young CF (I already have loads of young F's) can you post them here? Preferably players that cost less than £1m but will rise to at least mid 80's soon and possibly a lot further in the future.

I'm not asking for much am i! ;) ;)

Thanks in advance...

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Re: Is there any young CF's out there?!

Does it really make difference to goal scoring ability if they are CF's rather than F's then? If so, there does seem to be a large disparity between decent young CF's and F's?

And one to look at I would say is Tom Craddock at Middlesbrough. Currently rated 64. Can be priced at £34k, although you'll probably get fim for £20k:o

He's just broken into the 1st team at Boro, and had 4 appearances so far this season I think. Definately due a rise i would say to around the 75 mark for now, but one for the long term future methinks!

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Re: Is there any young CF's out there?!

Check out the football news of the past week. There are a couple of young strikers that Man U, Chelski, Barça and Arsenal are after. I'm sorry their names just slipped my mind... and, BTW, I know you said Krkic has already been snapped up BUT he is worth all the money he goes for- and more, much more. Even Eto'o believes he can out-shine Messi

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