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Moura, Sturridge, Aubameyang, Hueng Son Min


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Re: Moura, Sturridge, Aubameyang, Hueng Son Min

Moura - I dont know, I really dont pay a lot of attention to the Ligue 1 (and I think SM is the same). Because some players need to be higher rated but like i said I dont watch the Ligue 1 games. So I say NO on that one.

Sturridge - I'm a BVB fan so I watch premierleague because of good football an I would be happy as a unpartitioned fan if Liverpool or Arsenal could win the Premierleague. So Sturridge is playing well but the time Suarez is back I dont really think Sturridge is the same than before. I say hes a 50/50 gamble.

Aubameyang - He's fast, lightning fast! But still he is not a starter yet! Thet could change when Lewandowski leaves (as a BVB fan I'm not 100% sure he will meybe he stays because of something special) but lets be realistic hes 99,9% to leave, so if there is no superstar to come, the Aubameyang will be a starter. And As you saw till yet always when he starts or comes in as a substitute he brings a new tempo to the game and he scores often if you look that he plays like half the time of Lewandowski. I think he is a 70/30 buy because hes fast and has good ball skills, he will sart soon and his at BVB hows good in europe too.

Heung Son Min - He could go to BVB but he choose Leverkusen. I will say that he fits in that team like no one else. Hes smart and fast with the ball and has good scoring skills. But as you know Leverkusen isnt looking to be strong in Europe (in the near past they never played great in europe and I think that wont change, they will always overlive the gorpstage at CL butt then they will drop out). But if Son makes a move to a better club he will be awesome! So hes a 60/40 buy for me right now.

If you can buy both Bundesliga players because Aubameyang is the first to go to 91 and then Son to 90. Sturridge and moura will stay at 90.

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