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-=:English Championship 29673:=-


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Re: -=:English Championship 29673:=-

I've had some more bids accepted on players:

Yusuf Erdogan - £600,000

Keegan Dolly for Wade Fairhurst

Danilo Dittrich - £90,000 + Sean Newton

Jarlan Barrera - £60,000 + Nat Brown

Djordje Denic for Luke Foster

Federic Maciel - £510,000

Anton Mitryushkin - £40,000 + David Preece

Nika Kvekveskiri - £420,000

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Guest FallenAngel

Re: -=:English Championship 29673:=-

Why have you posted a youtube video in here?

why? there's not a rule against it is there? If so can you point me in it's direction.

and as you (and everyone else) didn't answer the question in my post, I'll work on the assumption it's fine to loan to unmanaged then

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Re: -=:English Championship 29673:=-

Nahh it's all right. It will be quite challenging for me and funny when I post match reports! XD ;)

LOLOLOL..Awesome' date=' looking forward to these reports. Wonder if there gonna be like the stories in Readers Wives :eek:

Awesome and active GW :)

I joined as division 5 club Luton.

Nice to see another Div5 manager in :) Welcome mate & Goodluck!

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Re: -=:English Championship 29673:=-

155190-10151190-205569.png0 - 1 woking-fc64-845074.png

My Tuesday team (aka my fixture congestion reserves) were unable to get a result tonight, losing 1-0 to a full strength Woking side.

It gets worse for my team with another injury to add to the misery, this time Pierce Sweeney is out for a week. Takes me up to 2 injuries and a suspension. Thankfully I have enough players to cover it.


Sweeney joins Clohessy on injury list. Carswell remains suspended.

The first string will return to the line-up for Thursday's clash with Lincoln, and my final signing should be in and ready to start.

The offer for Maksim MALYSHEV of Shakhtar Donetsk from Kidderminster Harriers has been accepted. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours.

A buy to sell. The 76 rated CB set me back just 380k but will be worth around £1m. Also playing a decent amount of minutes for Zorya in Ukraine's top division so may get a cheeky +2 if I'm lucky.

Will be my very last signing in this phase of the set-up as I'm now set to drop into the red with a wage bill of over £100k and home game profits of just £20k

Potential 11 for Liverpool (friendly) and Lincoln (D5).

Grahl 77

Hegarty 72--Derrien 75--Malyshev 76--Smith 75

Edwards 73--Brown 72--Peterson 76--Bongonda 75

Lipman 72-----------------

-------------------Green 71

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Re: -=:English Championship 29673:=-

MILLWALL 1-2 AFC Bournemouth

Disappointing night at Millwall... After beating Blackburn in the first game of the season, fans were expecting a peaceful night against a Bournemouth side still "under construction". But things were quite different... Bournemouth mounted a real challenge to the Lions. With smart tactics and a lot of heart, Bournemouth made things harder for us, not letting us have as much possession as we would like, and always looking to create some danger in the counter-attack. We still managed to create several chances to score, but a great performance by Bournemouth's keeper (MOTM), avoided us to get more goals. James Rodriguez was our best player, scoring a beautiful free kick, but the entire team kinda underperformed. I believe my players were overconfident for this game, that can not happen again. Gratz to our opponent manager, good job. Next game wont be easier, as we face a strong Wigan side. We will try to do better. Some changes may happen.

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