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Who are your 'go to' buys


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Re: Who are your 'go to' buys

To rebuild a team what I usually do is buy one 90+ (usually just 90 is fine) rated player for each part of the field, usually you can find an older external club player who is not really that expensive (I say external because you can offer your own players to lower the price).

Examples: Ronaldinho, Zanetti, Eto'o, Totti, Robinho, Abidal

By each part of the field, I mean one GK, one defender, one midfielder and one forward. Then fill in the rest of position with basically whatever you can improve. With this technique I rebuild a River Plate and went up from Division 3 to 1 consecutively.

By 75-87 rated players I would recommend young starts, a few months ago I bought Morata and Jese for a German club, and they went from 84 to 86 and 87 in a few months.

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