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The 7777 Youth Cup!

This competition is to bring the spirit back into the gameworld. We have 20 teams in the competition, ranging from Division 1 to Division 5. The teams were seeded based on last seasons final table standings.

The Rules

The Rules are simple, you must field pretty much a youth side, but to mix things up a little, you are allowed 3 over 21's involved in the game. You don't have to start with them, you could use them all as impact subsitutions!

For instance using my Southampton Team


Bellerin - Laporte - Stephens - Boilesen

Schniederlin - Matuidi

Gnabry - Reed - Campbell


The players in bold are over 21. If a player begins the tournament at the age of 21 and has his birthday during the tournament he will still be legal to play. You can also use a bench with over 21's so people don't have to go buy youth players to sit on their benches for these games. As long as they don't kick the ball on the pitch you will be fine.

If you are caught fielding an illegal player, it will be an automatic 3-0 win to the team you play.


Fixtures will be made shortly after the draw which will happen at 7pm GMT. You will play each team Home and Away, with five teams in the groups, one team will not play per fixture round allowing for other friendlies with they chose to do so.

The Top 2 from each of the 4 groups move on to the Knockout Round, which will also be a home/away knockout format which away goals will decide in case of a draw.

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Re: 7777 U-21 Cup

The Draw

The five pots of teams are below, each with a corresponding ball number, the pots will be drawn in order from 1 to 5. Mixed the numbers up for some fun and have to make people look harder to see who they are with :D

Draw begins soon...

Pot 1

United (1) Arsenal (20) Blackpool (6) City (11)

Pot 2

Villa (5) West Ham (3) Barnsley (7) Southampton (8)

Pot 3

Bolton (9) Millwall (10) Coventry (4) Stoke (12)

Pot 4

QPR (18) Crewe (14) Aldershot (19) Carlisle (16)

Pot 5

Macclesfield (17) Brentford (13) Hartlepool (15) Rushden (2)

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Re: 7777 U-21 Cup


7777 Youth Group A

Fixture 1 (27/02/2014)

Arsenal v Coventry

Brentford v QPR

Fixture 2 (02/03/2014)

Barnsley v Brentford

QPR v Arsenal

Fixture 3 (06/03/2014)

Coventry v QPR

Arsenal v Barnsley

Fixture 4 (09/03/2014)

Brentford v Arsenal

Barnsley v Coventry

Fixture 5 (13/03/2014)

QPR v Barnsley

Coventry v Brentford

Fixture 6 (16/03/2014)

Coventry v Arsenal

QPR v Brentford

Fixture 7 (20/03/2014)

Brentford v Barnsley

Arsenal v QPR

Fixture 8 (23/03/2014)

QPR v Coventry

Barnsley v Arsenal

Fixture 9 (27/03/2014)

Arsenal v Brentford

Coventry v Barnsley

Fixture 10 (30/03/14)

Barnsley v QPR

Brentford v Coventry

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Re: 7777 U-21 Cup


7777 Youth Group B

Fixture 1 (27/02/2014)

Manchester City v Aldershot

Aston Villa v Bolton

Fixture 2 (02/03/2014)

Hartlepool v Aston Villa

Bolton v Manchester City

Fixture 3 (06/03/2014)

Aldershot v Bolton

Manchester City v Hartlepool

Fixture 4 (09/03/2014)

Aston Villa v Manchester City

Hartlepool v Aldershot

Fixture 5 (13/03/2014)

Bolton v Hartlepool

Aldershot v Aston Villa

Fixture 6 (16/03/2014)

Aldershot v Manchester City

Bolton v Aston Villa

Fixture 7 (20/03/2014)

Aston Villa v Hartlepool

Manchester City v Bolton

Fixture 8 (23/03/2014)

Bolton v Aldershot

Hartlepool v Manchester City

Fixture 9 (27/03/2014)

Manchester City v Aston Villa

Aldershot v Hartlepool

Fixture 10 (30/03/14)

Hartlepool v Bolton

Aston Villa v Aldershot

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Re: 7777 U-21 Cup


Fixture 1 (27/02/2014)

Manchester United v Millwall

Carlisle v Rushden

Fixture 2 (02/03/2014)

West Ham v Carlisle

Rushden v Manchester United

Fixture 3 (06/03/2014)

Millwall v Rushden

Manchester United v West Ham

Fixture 4 (09/03/2014)

Carlisle v Manchester United

West Ham v Millwall

Fixture 5 (13/03/2014)

Rushden v West Ham

Millwall v Carlisle .

Fixture 6 (16/03/2014)

Millwall v Manchester United

Rushden v Carlisle

Fixture 7 (20/03/2014)

Carlisle v West Ham

Manchester United v Rushden

Fixture 8 (23/03/2014)

Rushden v Millwall

West Ham v Manchester United

Fixture 9 (27/03/2014)

Manchester United v Carlisle

Millwall v West Ham .

Fixture 10 (30/03/14)

West Ham v Rushden

Carlisle v Millwall

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Re: 7777 U-21 Cup


Fixture 1 (27/02/2014)

Crewe v Macclesfield

Stoke v Southampton

Fixture 2 (02/03/2014)

Blackpool v Stoke

Southampton v Crewe

Fixture 3 (06/03/2014)

Macclesfield v Southampton

Crewe v Blackpool

Fixture 4 (09/03/2014)

Stoke v Crewe

Blackpool v Macclesfield

Fixture 5 (13/03/2014)

Southampton v Blackpool

Macclesfield v Stoke

Fixture 6 (16/03/2014)

Macclesfield v Crewe

Southampton v Stoke

Fixture 7 (20/03/2014)

Stoke v Blackpool

Crewe v Southampton

Fixture 8 (23/03/2014)

Southampton v Macclesfield

Blackpool v Crewe

Fixture 9 (27/03/2014)

Crewe v Stoke

Macclesfield v Blackpool

Fixture 10 (30/03/14)

Blackpool v Southampton

Stoke v Macclesfield

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Re: 7777 U-21 Cup

So, we are joined by Martin Keown and Pat Rice for today’s inaugural draw of the 7777 Youth Cup. Martin will be drawing the teams and Pat will be drawing the groups.

So, if you would Martin, mix the balls up and chose our first ball….

Martin: Number 11 (That is Manchester City, struggling as of late)

So Pat if you would take four group balls and stir them round and chose a group for us please.

Pat: B (So that is Manchester City in Group B)

Hopefully you will understand the draw now.

Martin: Number 1 (So City’s rivals and champions Manchester United are out next)

Pat: C (So that will be Manchester United in Group C)

Martin: 20 (20 is Arsenal, still very many unsure about their manager)

Pat: A (So the Gunners will be in Group A)

So if you were to do the obvious please

Martin: 6 (Of course the Tangerines, Blackpool)

Pat: D (So we finish with Blackpool in Group D)

This concludes the first part of our draw.

Group A: Arsenal

Group B: Manchester City

Group C: Manchester United

Group D: Blackpool

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Re: 7777 U-21 Cup

Onto Pot 2

In this pot we have: Aston Villa (5), West Ham (3), Barnsley (7) & Southampton (8)

Martin: 3 (The mighty hammers, trying to bounce back to the Premier League this season)

Pat: C (West Ham join with United in Group C)

Martin: 5 (Aston Villa, has one of the most respected managers in the gameworld)

Pat: B (Aston Villa join Manchester City in Group B!)

Martin: 8 (The Saints, Southampton!)

Pat: D (So the Saints join Blackpool in Group D)

Martin: 7 (Barnsley next out of the hat, even though it’s a bowl)

Pat: A (So we conclude round 2 with Barnsley going into Group A with Arsenal)

Group A: Arsenal, Barnsley

Group B: City, Villa

Group C: United, West Ham

Group D: Blackpool, Southampton

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Re: 7777 U-21 Cup

Pot 3

So we continue the draw with Bolton, Millwall, Coventry and Stoke, some good teams in this pot.

Martin: 10 (Millwall, with people say the worst set of fans in England)

Pat: C (Millwall into Group C, West Ham v Millwall, better get extra numbers for security then!)

Martin: 4 (4 is Coventry)

Pat: A (Coventry City go join Arsenal and Barnsley in Group A)

Martin: 9 (Bolton is number 9, managed by former Hancock)

Pat: B (B is looking a very tasty group with Bolton joining City and Villa)

Martin: 12 (Stoke last out of pot 3, will obviously play in)

Pat: D (So Stoke will move into Group D, which is also looking competitive)

Group A: Arsenal, Barnsley, Coventry

Group B: City, Villa, Bolton

Group C: United, West Ham, Millwall

Group D: Blackpool, Southampton, Stoke

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Re: 7777 U-21 Cup

Pot 4 includes QPR (18) Crewe (14) Aldershot (19) Carlisle (16)

Martin: 18 (Queens Park Rangers, fallen from grace since 7777 begun)

Pat: A (A group I would think they would like, QPR join Group B)

Martin: 14 (That is Crewe Alexandra next out)

Pat: D ( Crewe join Group D, could be some potential for them)

Martin: 16 (Carlisle, number 16)

Pat: C (Carlisle join Group C, looking tough for them, but its football)

Martin: 19 (Aldershot are out, a very respected manager among the community)

Pat: B (Don’t know if he respects that Aldershot go into Group B)

Group A: Arsenal, Barnsley, Coventry, QPR

Group B: City, Villa, Bolton, Aldershot

Group C: United, West Ham, Millwall, Carlisle

Group D: Blackpool, Southampton, Stoke, Crewe

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Re: 7777 U-21 Cup

Our last pot of teams now.

Macclesfield (17) Brentford (13) Hartlepool (15) Rushden (2)

Martin: 2 (Rushden & Diamonds our lowest ranked team in the competition)

Pat: C (It could have been much worse, they go into Group C)

Martin: 13 (Brentford, unlucky for some?)

Pat: A (Not this time, it seems they have a good group, can see 2nd place being tight)

Martin: 17 (Macclesfield are our second to last out of the hat

Pat: D (Macclesfield complete Group D!)

Martin 15 (We end with Hartlepool)

Pat: B (Hartlepool have probably got it the toughest out of these teams.

Thank you very much to Martin and Pat for being here today, and we hope to see some good football.

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