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Jack Wilshere : What does he actually do?


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Given how bored i am, the lack of activity in the Arsenal thread where people have blatantly given up and the lack of anything on the forum as a whole, i thought i'd start another one of these threads. As you may recall, i'd started one for Ramsey who's form for 18 months was utterly pathetic, which people seem to forget. He's over that now so i'll turn to the other young midfielder who's much more of a problem, if you ask me.

Ramsey's problem was a lack of confidence. Wilshere's is he has an unjustified amount of it. What does he do when he plays? He turns over possession far too much with ridiculous dummies, doesn't control games which he's meant to do, too often tries to run through teams without going anywhere and is about as much a goal threat as Giroud. He has been repeatedly rubbish all season and he's getting on my nerves. Ramsey always had potential to come good, Wilshere i'm not so sure based on this season.

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Re: Jack Wilshere : What does he actually do?

For me,until now Wilshere get his fame purely because he's young English who starts for big club. I don't know what he's actually did well for Arsenal and what his role will actually be for Arsenal/England. I know English press and public hype him a lot,but what kind of role do you expect him to be? Don't you think he'll end up as James Milner type of player?

Exciting as youngster with attacking talent but end up as utility player?

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