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Re: New Custom Game Worls

Want to make a new custom game world? Any thing I should include

Hi mate' date=' if you want, you can take my custom setup idea.

[b']GW rules:[/b]

10 top European teams;

Empty squads;

Budget of 300M;

Starting from season 2, each managed club must make, at least, a deal with another managed team, per season;

After each season, the champion must sell or trade their best player (the most expensive, according to the chairman). The team, that ends in last place, will have preference right over the player, that the champion will let go;

No buying players from the same country as the club


No buying players, who are in the club, in real life

i.e. Barça can't buy Messi and Real Madrid can't sign Ronaldo.

Each manager will choose either the blue or the red restriction.

All the other restrictions are appliable to everybody.


Real Madrid




Man. Utd



Man. City



PS: if you decide to go through with it, I'd like to join with Dortmund, please! :)

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