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What improvements / new features would you like?

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I want this thread to be kept as simple as possible. All I want to know is what 3 improvements / new features would you like to see the most. I will give two examples:

Example 1

  1. Improve match engine
  2. Introduce squad numbers
  3. Improve customer service

Example 2

  1. Add reserve squad
  2. Improve SMFA
  3. Add youth leagues

If you'd like to elaborate on your 3 improvements / new features, then please do so below your list. If you do elaborate, please keep it constructive as any rants will be deleted and also as much detail as possible (with reasoning) behind your improvement / new feature.

I hate to write this, but any posts that aren't in the above format will be deleted. This is so that we can easily see what you are wanting us to improve or add to the game. If you want to debate anything that someone has listed, please do so in another thread.

The idea behind this? To ensure that what we are working on and intend to work on is what you want.

This thread will be closed a week today.

Thanks in advance to those of you who contribute.

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Re: What improvements / new features would you like?

From twitter:

Shaun Rogers @wayupna

  1. Stricter transfers
  2. Better subs
  3. Transfer ban time

1. Stricter Transfers so that clubs in lower leagues (outside the premier league teams) can't sign big name players.

2. Better ability to use Subs in your game, more options for making subs.

3. Making the transfer ban time shorter, as big clubs trade away youngsters you can't then go an get for months!

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Re: What improvements / new features would you like?

  1. Improve Match Engine
  2. More Formation & Tactic Tools
  3. More Club History/Player Details

Point 3 - Elaboration:

League Position Line Chart

Maybe some sort of interactive chart that detailed past league positions?

A line chart for example? with each "Point" being a season, from this over the seasons we could see whether our club was making any progress.

I mean on a serious note, who can remember what position their club finished two or three seasons ago? With this chart it would be easy to see.

If we the clicked on the specific "Seasonal Point" on the chart we could then see the league table from that season.

Top Scorer Table

This ones pretty simple, in fact I not really too sure why it is not there already, we should have a "Top 5 Goal Scorers".

This would list the clubs all time top 5 goal scorers, players will remain on this table after they are sold until they are knocked of their position. Simple right?

Youngest/Oldest Player

Next up is another simple idea, this simply showcases the youngest/oldest player to start a competitive game for your club.

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Re: What improvements / new features would you like?

1. Improve Match Fitness

2. Improve Formation Features

3. Somehow sort "offer club" after bids accepted

1. You shouldn't have to change a full outfield team to accommodate SMFA/Cup games, means more player hoarding too, a more overall squad rotation, the odd player(s) is needed.

2. Just more options to allow more individuality, most people just seem to have the same tactics and its a toss up of who wins.

3. Pretty simple, everyone's experienced it, won a bid, someone decides to offer to "friend" to cancel, something needs to be done.

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Re: What improvements / new features would you like?

1. Introduce 'Player Honours' on the Player Profile.

2. Introduce new player awards.

3. Introduce Costly Stadium Building with Success.

1. For example, if Cavani has won the Golden Shoe 4 seasons in a row, you would know when you go on his player profile because it would be under a section of all his individual honours. Another example of player honours, it could say what trophies they have won. So under Cavani's it could say: Season 12 - Won Division 1 with Liverpool. Season 14 - Won English Shield with Bradford City etc.

2. For example, Youth Player of the Season (21 and under), Top Assists award, Best Player of each Nation (for example Messi would win for Argentina if he had the best average rating for the season out of all Argentinians). You could even have a managers player of the season where you can't vote for a player on your own team - kind of a people's player of the season.

3. For example, if you win the league with Bradford City, you should be given the option to pay £50,000,000 to increase your Stadium Capacity by 25,000. You can only be offered this with success. If you come 4th you shouldn't be allowed to increase by 25,000 but maybe 10,000. It should cost money though, so you have to lose to gain. There should be a cap on the maximum stadium capacity though and as you get closer to the maximum it should cost more to add less (this stops Manchester United reaching the cap quickly as their stadium is already large. So for Manchester United to increase by 10,000 could cost them £80,000,000 but with Bradford City increasing by 10,000 could cost £20,000,000).

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Re: What improvements / new features would you like?

here's my reply

1 add "live" game in score centre

2 jobs offered to managers

1) add "live" game in score centre so we can watch "live" (if we're present at time game is live) so we can make substitutes during game and change tactics etc, this helps if we see a player injured or tactics not working

(we'd use the in-game instructions if we are not present at time game is played)

2) jobs offered to managers to be made easier to give to internal managers.

(say a button to click to put name forward for job (to person who has the job offer) and button for manager who has the job offer to select who to give to. (if more than one applies for job)

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Re: What improvements / new features would you like?

1.Match Engine and or Tactics.

2.Club Badges.

3.Improve player stats.

1)With the current match engine and tactics there seems to be a lot of managers using the same tactics and results become a bit of a lottery.An upgrade to one or both of these would be useful.Probably the best option would be the ability to create your own tactical formation.

2)When I first started playing SM club badges where used and it makes the game/home page look a lot better and the game in general a lot more professional.If this isn't possible at least make the kits easier to edit and update on soccerwiki.The current options on soccerwiki are very limited and you can't always get an accurate kit or in some cases even edit a kit.

3)If you click on a players stats you get current season stats which can be:


super cup................. 1......1.....1

smfa cup(group ?).......4.....3......2

charity shield.............1......0..... 0


why not in one line:....20....16....12 (saves a lot of space)

Also a players career stats should include his cup goals and is there really a need to know how a player did in season 1,5 or 7 in smfa group A?Again its possible to save a lot of space if it was just:



uruguay ....88......44......12...8.12





I just think this would look neater and tidier on a players profile and save space as well.

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Re: What improvements / new features would you like?

1- Improve match engine

2- Make Player Fitness, even more critical!

3- Better Player History Stats

1- Well pretty obvious really...All though its not too bad, just sometimes a little too random.

2- Another simple one, squad rotation is paramount in management games..other-wise its a facebook game! Any player who has fitness lvl under 90% at start of match, should be sent off for wreckless challenge :eek::P You snooze you lose...

3- Would like to see honours in player history. Promotions, top-scorer etc

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Re: What improvements / new features would you like?

1 - improve match engine

2 - modify chairman behaviour

3 - make fitness count for something


1 - make red cards and injuries have an effect on team performance. Try to reduce the randomness always going against the human player especially against lower rated unmanaged teams. Yes, some random results (eg, upsets/underdog winning) will occur, but not with the frequency they do here.

A 90+ average team having 15 shots on target against an 85 rated keeper and scoring 1 goal against an 85 rated team having 3 shots against a 90+ keeper and scoring 3 goals happens far too often :)

2 - I'm fed up seeing my chairman offer high rated players an increase in wages. Twice. Without a ratings change. I manage finances, chairman can sod off :) perhaps scale the chairman influence against the manager rating, the higher the manager rating, the less the chairman intervenes in the running of the club.

Also, increase the positive influence of the chairman, eg your small RL team has a squad of 90+ rated and has won back to back division 1 titles, but still has a stadium of 15000 and is losing money week by week. The chairman develop the stadium and increase capacity.

3 - match fitness should affect player performance. A player at 75% fitness will not play as well as a player at 100% fitness! even if the rating is the same. Perhaps a sliding scale effect on the player rating, eg a 90 rated player would be as follows:

100-90% rating 90

89-80% rating -2

79-70% rating -4

69-60% rating -8

And so on, temporarily losing more rating the more tired they get.

You could also scale concerns with fitness, so a player under 100% fitness generates concerns more slowly than a player sitting at 100% for weeks

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Re: What improvements / new features would you like?

From twitter:

SoccerManager_Advice @SM_Advice

  1. Match engine
  2. More formation options
  3. Player history

Javier Pineda @RealXabi

  1. Roster cap

Paul Gibson @paulg1bson

  1. Squad caps
  2. New managers resigning after transfers go through
  3. Player hogging

Henry Gilbert @Hgilbert09

  1. Customisable formations
  2. Custom player preferences / instructions

Nelsy @Nelshesketh1

  1. keeper injuries
  2. better transfer policy
  3. youth league

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Re: What improvements / new features would you like?

1. Like many others have said, statistics make this sort of thing far more interesting. Specifically the players; cup stats should be recorded as well as league stats, and there should definitely be player award histories on their profiles. This should also transfer over to the club history bit; we have highest transfer received, why not highest goal scorer? Highest rated? Most reds? Most assists? Etc. You record all these things, so it shouldn't be too hard to add them on to that bit.

2. Player limits: It's just silly at the moment. People have like 300 players in some worlds, why? It's so unrealistic it's crazy, and I think that's the problem, realism. Exact realism is bad, but in instances like this there should definitely be an attempt to make it better. What club in the world has 300 players? It should be capped, I dunno at what. You could say 50-60ish (as you need a first team generally of 25-30 + a youth team. Some people completely dominate worlds, there's no point joining them as they have all the best players and allthe best youth.

3. Inactive managers need to be dealt with. This causes so much trouble in smaller game worlds. They sign up, get given a team in a league that's starting soon and never sign in again. I understand that you want to try and get people active, but you're not paying enough attention to the people who are active here. Waiting 30 days for a manager to get kicked (+7 for their players to free up) only to have to wait another 30 days when a new manager joins is awful. The time limit for new managers getting kicked if they're inactive should be much, much shorter. Personally, I would put it at 7 days. But, of course, another person who will go inactive can then take the team over, so I'm not sure how you stop that.

There are other things I'd like, such as more tactic options and a reserves tab for the squad, but these three I think are the most important (especially 2 and 3). I have a lot more things I'd like tbh! It'd be good to have more regular games in every league, then people would require a good squad not a good XI. Okay, I'll stop!

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Re: What improvements / new features would you like?

1.Match engine

The match engine would be a great starter as it is five years in the making surely it is just about ready now, maybe the new match engine will punish people that get men sent off as it makes no difference now, a little reality would be nice, I mean you have teams with lower ratings than yourself playing 3-5-2 with arrows pointing forward on the 3 CB's, yes I saw someone win the league with that tactic, in reality they would be lucky not to ship in five per game. If the engine was fixed then a wee bonus could be adding a sound(roar) when a goal is scored would make the Scorecentre a lot more interesting.

2.Squad cap/player hogging

3.Fix the part exchange system

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Re: What improvements / new features would you like?

1. Squad size limitations (ie limit of 60 players)

2. Refine player concerns ( faster, unhappy players refuse new contracts)

3. Punish ignorant managers (punitive measures for those who ignore bids)

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Re: What improvements / new features would you like?

1. What happens when a manager leaves.

I have a real issue with the way squads are destroyed after a manager leaves.

In my GW 2-3 people left after years of being with their team. They had assembled really great squads, but within a week the AI had sold all the best players and brought in the rubbish ones they have in real life.

This has meant my GW is much less appealing to new people, as what would have been attractive teams to new managers were now full of bad players again who had TB for the next few months. Giving anyone new little room to do anything.

I would suggest that once a manager leaves a team it should not be gutted within a fortnight, but keep the players it has for a while (perhaps a whole season). Also anyone that is re-bought should have no TB.

This will make teams far more attractive to managers and help modestly sized GW's attract new people long term.

2. Squad Sizes

Squad sizes are also ridiculous, it should be 60 at most, ideally 50. It would be very easy to enforce across all GameWorlds imo.

All you need to do is give managers 1 season to reduce their squads to the appropriate size, or at the end of their season the squad will reduce itself without their control, meaning they may risk losing their star players.

I myself am guilty of this, purely because others in my GW have done the same, so now I am simply doing what I can to keep ahead of the pack, however I am well aware of how detrimental this will be long term for my GW...

But why would I risk my team and place sanctions upon myself and risk someone else bulldozing ahead and buying 100+ people.

This is why SM needs to impose rules, it will make it much more fun for everyone else too.

3. Dealing with cheaters

Mercifully I have only had one encounter with a cheater in my SM experience, however the whole thing was a complete disaster.

The guy took over a total of 4 teams and brazenly sold between them. He then took to insulting me publicly on the news feed when I asked him to stop...

Myself and 3-4 other people all reported him and were fobbed off by the SMFA who told us nothing was wrong... The guy had even admitted to cheating in private message to me because he knew nobody would stop him. I enclosed this in my report but nothing happened.

During that time the SMFA randomly reversed two legitimate deals in our league and blocked other people from doing swaps, while the cheater sold Johnny Evans to himself for 38 million...

I really feel a much tighter policy on cheaters should be devised.

Anyway, thats my 3.

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Re: What improvements / new features would you like?

1) Keep friendlies, but allow more realistic attendances and more importantly the revenue that would bring to smaller and larger clubs. Eg If Old Trafford staged a midweek friendly match there'd be upwards of 40,000 people there.

2) Youth / Reserve leagues would be fantastic

3) Allowing for stadium developing or additional sponsorship deals for all clubs with actual amounts dependent on how well they're performing on the field.

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