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Is Soccermanager losing it's appeal


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I signed up in 2011, along with my brothers, and we were hooked, seriously we made around 15 accounts so we can manage 30 clubs, it was nice but then, but now I don't know, the appeal has gone, i used to spend ages on SM, but now I can't be bothered, I actually play FIFA 13 manager mode for my game play now-a-days, does anyone else feel like this? My brothers stopped all together now I'm lucky if I get to go on every 10 days etc.

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Re: Is Soccermanager losing it's appeal

Somewhat but i've had my teams since 2006/2007 so their more settled and thus i don't have as much work to do on them, after SM introduced player concerns they turned their attention more to setting up Sm-wiki & working on changing the face/cosmetics of SM which did need to be improved.

But I think in 2014 they might turn their attention back to the game cause they asked for suggestions from the community in the suggestions and improvements thread so hopefully they can add stuff stadium expansion and youth leagues etc, its the same with football manager and fifa etc you get small changes mostly and only big changes once a while, same with any game i think.

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Re: Is Soccermanager losing it's appeal

I've found this to be honest but my biggest reason is the game mechanics itself.

There is no help available to new managers on how to set up a winning team, no guide as to how to play the game as a good manager.

I've played for a long time now and I'm fed up of the match engine that has been in need of a serious update for some time now or at least some explanation as to what formations are effective against what because it seems entirely random.

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Re: Is Soccermanager losing it's appeal

Our latest project on Kickstarter might interest you all.

SM, full support when:

-you want to change back to a scheduled rating review

-set the old transfer settings, and stop these discrepancy in chairman values

-leave the tendency of continuously creating ways of lowering teams capital

-develop the game engine.

And im a designer of profession, heres a tip: invest some money in a new logo, 3d pitch in tactics, trophy icons etc etc etc.. its so simple to better these small aspects, creating a more visually appealing site in general.

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Re: Is Soccermanager losing it's appeal


I've been playing SM since 2006 and a lot has changed - for the better - since then

look out for the new project kickstarter - it looks awesome

EC7046 is THE top GW in my opinion - check it out, has everything you want to keep you busy (not bored)

EC7046 has its own BLOG - keeping us updated on everything bout EC7046

(EC7046 managers can write for the blog, so its a busy GW, with plenty to offer you - not just playing match to match)

EC7046 has a "waiting list" which adds to the GW.

(interested forumers can get on the list, may help to get them to join in quicker)

So, I think it depends on what GW you're in and the passion in the GW and the fellow managers.

That's one GW example but there's plenty of TOP GW's that will entertain you and help keep away the boredom

PS - If you and your brothers would like on the EC7046 Wait List, just PM me and I will add you

EC7046 BLOG is for EC7046 managers' and is written by EC7046 managers.' can be viewed here


Click on some menu tabs- have a look around, you wont be bored in EC7046 - Here's the latest BLOG aticle by Cheterfield manager, for example


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