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Re: Pepe?

Pepe has played more games than any other Real Madrid player this season' date=' only lost his 93 rating last season because he missed a lot through injury. Was unlucky in that respect when other long term injury players have kept there ratings.[/quote']

he didn't miss that long through injury last season only about a month or so he lost his place due to the form of Verane.

As for him rising i don't think he will get 93 back.

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Re: Pepe?

I think he should regain his 93 i was actually a little surprised he dropped last time i know why he did just never thought he would. I just find it funny that Ramos is 95 and Pepe 92. Ramos probably should be a 94 and Pepe 93 in my opinion. Plus Pique 95 and Vidic 93 whilst Pepe is 92 makes not a lot of sense to me.

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Re: Pepe?

I agree with you guys.

Pepe should have never dropped to 92 - I said it before in the forum.

And don't forget (when he was still at 93), he did an amazing Euro 2012, after which he should have risen to 94 imo.

I get what Germ is saying: Piqué at 95, Vidic at 93 and let me add Puyol, who if I remember correctly still has a 92 rating (the same as Pepe)!

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Re: Pepe?

Pepe's 92 is like CR7's 98: Ridiculous!

I'm playing for the last 3 years and what I saw was a complete preference for Barcelona players and I'm not a Real fan.

I'll give you some examples:

- Javier Mascherano: 93 and Carles Puyol: 92 but Pepe: 92;

- Cesc Fabregas: 95 but Mezut Ozil: 94;

- Adriano Correia: 91 but Raphael Varane: 90;

- Lionel Messi: 99 but Cristiano Ronaldo: 98.

And, for this one, that I think they should both have 99, there is a detailed relation officially made by the game:

Lionel Messi:


Cristiano Ronaldo:


Can you count the stars each one has? 98 for CR7 and 99 for Messi? Really???

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