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Euro Champ 14

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Well after the demise for Tribute to WC10000 & The Little league I decided to create a new world and offer the members of both these world the first opportunity to join, I will then open it to all forumers.

Rules will be as follows

2 Divisions 12 Clubs

3 Up 3 Down and playoffs

Normal Economy

Player Concerns off

No Buying From Unmanaged

Must Log in Every 14 Days

Starting with original squads

Squad cap of 50

Starting Budget of 30m

GW ID 221799


Div 1

-1, Barcelona -Spurs1979

-2, Real Madrid - Phil Brooks

-3, Man U - HD

-4, Bayern München - Félixx

-5, Chelsea - Taylor8

-6, Milian - AngusLFC

-7, Arsenal - wardysufc

-8, PSG - Racky

-9, Inter - Noisy

10, Liverpool - Bizness

11, Juventus - StephenMUFC

12, Dortmund - MarkM

Div 2

13, Valencia - Fez17_1888

14, A, Madrid - Matt72

15, Benfica - beist

16, Porto = Gozzy

17, Lyon - johnjharman

18, Man City - Carlos Azevedo

19, Roma - Closer

20, Schalke 04 -BroodRoosterNL

21, Dynamo Kiev - steauaseka

22, Galatasaray - RieceM96

23, Ajax - Cookiemonster

24, Zenit - Huddo

Clubs will be drawn at random once 24 mangers are in that's including myself:D

No trading of clubs will be allowed, what you get is what you get :)

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Re: Euro Champ 14

I will add everyone to the list but ex tribute to WC10000 & Little league members will get preference, but im not one for excluding people because they are new, but i do like people who use the forum as it keeps the GW active:D

The last GW i created I let a new guy in and he spend all the cash and left before the first game, so I do not want this to happen again so I will check you all out :P

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